Woo Hoo! Run A Muck Ranch is in the Finals for the Howland Studios Photo Contest!

Now we just need your vote to win!  Please go to

Howland Studios Photo Contest

and vote for the photo of Emmi, Morty and Slugger we have all grown to know and love!


Vote early and vote often!  Share with your friends if you can!  Voting ends November 14.

For the small print:  There is no altruistic offer in this one.  The winner gets a painted portrait of the photo entered.  This is probably the only chance Run A Muck Ranch will ever have to possess a piece of fine art – that it happens to be a rendition of the original Idiot Group showing their true colors – something both The Crazy Dog Lady and The Crabby Man would very much like to have – is a selfish bonus!

Just a heads up to y’all:  We are also in the PetSafe Shelter Me Video contest.  Voting starts on that one next week.  For being selfish in the photo contest, we will be altruistic in the PetSafe one!


20 thoughts on “Woo Hoo! Run A Muck Ranch is in the Finals for the Howland Studios Photo Contest!

      1. Aren’t we all..i do prefer those shots though,not taking anything from posed pics..but I spend my time out on the property taking random pics of the wildlife..a roo scatching it’s butt is much better..the fun natural behaviours 🙂

    1. It’s getting old though.. I keep telling Crabby we need another good one for this year, but he hasn’t gotten it yet!

    1. It happened to be a freak, one in a million shot. Crabby was in a way crabby mood that day, and The Idiots were the first group out. I had the 2nd group out by myself (Crabby wasn’t allowed to go since he would harshen the mood), when Crabby called, so excited about the picture he didn’t know he had. We keep it prominently posted in the house now, and whenever we’re in a bad mood, all we have to do is look at it and it makes us smile.

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