What I Did For Almost an Hour Last Night

All I wanted is a good picture of The Idiots, and Gracie, posing in the Waggin’ Wagon for posterity.

But there were a couple of rubs:

1.  I took the kids out alone, meaning I was both poser (in more ways than one) and photographer; and

2.  An open Waggin’ Wagon gate is the universal signal for the kids to scatter.  It didn’t matter we had just finished a pretty long walk!

I don’t know how many times the kids jumped out. Sometimes it was just one or a couple, sometimes it was the whole group.  62 pictures later, only 2 plus a cropped one were useable:

This one came out OK.  I just wish Marcy’s head was a little higher, and Franken Morty’s shaved head wasn’t showing.


This one would have been adorable if only I hadn’t cut off part of Slugger’s face, and if Gracie and Marcy were looking up.


But if I crop pieces, I came up with this one:

Emmi looks calm and Slugger almost looks intelligent!



I’m not sure what tired them out more; the hike or the repeated jumping in and out of the Waggin’ Wagon and posing for the pictures!

I happened to notice after deleting the bad shots, there are now 3,024 pictures of the kids on my computer alone.  That doesn’t include the ones Crabby has.

What can I say, I’m so lucky to be Mom to this particular Hoard!  There can never be enough pictures!



19 thoughts on “What I Did For Almost an Hour Last Night

    1. But you have rescue pups coming and going, AND a gorgeous garden with pretty frogs. I just have 13 nimwits and piles of laundry!

      1. And that is why you are SO blessed! We’ll send you a couple of frogs if you really feel like you’re missing out. We are overrun!

    1. could be… is Kaci spritely enough to go on hikes? After we hike South Mountain with Far Fetched next weekend, they need to come up to our zip code for the next outing; I was thinking Spur Cross. Would you be interested?

  1. Well, I can take approximately 125+ pictures of the pooches at one sitting (and I only have 3 dogs) so I would say a little over 3,000 pics of thirteen dogs is really not that many. I have to take at least 100 pictures if I want to get 5 or 6 usable ones…getting my three knuckleheads to sit still longer than 0.005 seconds is asking too much (unless a couch is involved). You, my friend, did good! The pooches are adorable. I’m waiting, however, for the day you purchase an actual bus to haul the whole baker’s dozen in. My challenge to you, then, would be for you to get a pic of all the pooches (yes, all thirteen) in the bus with heads all poking out windows. Think you can do it? 🙂

    1. Actually, they all fit in the Waggin’ Wagon, so we really don’t need a bus. Getting them all to face the same way… that is the trick.

      I usually get 100’s from a morning walk and get lucky if 1 or 2 are OK – and that is me keeping my finger on the button so the camera is constantly clicking! Crabby takes a more artistic approach, which is why his are usually better.

      That athletic picture of Rufus… you KNOW it needs to go on a mug or a drink koosie, don’t you???

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