Sunday Punt Post: Muddy Angus

My apologies!  This has been a bear of a week and I wasn’t very well prepared to document Sunday Family Desert Walks, where I usually get a good picture to post.

Instead, you are left with a video of the ‘after’ from Group 1 (Older, Gimpy, Stumpy and Mentally Deranged, {Maude, Sarah, Angus and Willy}].  We don’t see enough of Angus anyway, so I guess it works.



PS:  One of the reasons I was so unprepared this morning was that Crabby slept until 10am.   I wish I could sleep all day….


16 thoughts on “Sunday Punt Post: Muddy Angus

    1. And this is one of the only places where we deliberately take the dogs to the mud to play! Thing is, the whole area this morning was bone dry! I have no idea where Angus found the mud!

      1. Actually, if I had a photographer handy during the bath, you would have seen it was only when the hose was running that Angus had any protests. During the lather phase, he was loving the massage!

    1. I can say it and mean it. When you have 52 paws running around, sometimes it’s just better to get some laughs before you have to clean!

    1. Slugger is the poster pup for ‘dirty dogs have more fun”! Nothing like a little mud to bring out the puppy in any dog, no matter the age 🙂

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