Sunday Cute Picture: Mad Marcy

It was a very exciting day for Ms. Marcy!

First, have to give a ding, ding, shout out, and ping back to Far Fetched Friends.   Turns out, the world is smaller than it appears!  We actually met in person for a for a hike-date this morning at the McDowell Mountains!  I am having some technical difficulties downloading the pictures of Pierre the Pit-huahua  (or is he a Chit-bull?) from the camera. Hopefully I can get them soon.

This was Marcy’s first outing, sans other Run A Muck Ranch kids, and with ‘strangers’.  Though she wasn’t as brave as I had hoped she would be, she held her own, even stepping over to Far Fetched’s Vanessa for protection against mountain bikers.  It doesn’t sound like much, but for Marcy, that particular act was huge.  It was the first time ever Marcy approached a non-Run A Muck Ranch human voluntarily.

Looking forward to a future hike-date closer to Far Fetched’s zip code next month!  For that visit, I will be better prepared for video and still documentation!

As luck would have it, leaving the trailhead put us right around the corner from the wonderful person, Kim S. who transported Marcy from the Streets of South Phoenix to me.  Since they hadn’t seen each other since that day, we stopped over for a visit.

Now, we have to keep in mind Marcy had just finished a couple of hour hike, with elevated adrenaline, this being her first time solo with strangers and all.

Rylee, Kim’s beautiful lab girl REALLLY wanted Marcy to play.

This was Marcy’s response:

Poor Marcy, even her "I want to kill you!" face is just adorable!
Poor Marcy, even her “I want to kill you!” face is just adorable!  Photo courtesy of Kim.


As fierce as Marcy wanted to appear, the soprano growling and her Halloween cat-like postures made it hard not to point and laugh.

But this will be the ONLY time we will point, laugh and take pictures.  Kim has graciously agreed to accept Marcy over for additional play dates, when she isn’t so tired, to show her that dogs outside Run A Muck Ranch can be fun too.  Rylee has a pool, and Marcy is a minnow.  Rylee would be a great friend to have!

Marcy can not be allowed to act ‘aggressive’ or at least her attempt at being aggressive, toward non-Run A Muck Ranch dogs.  In addition to play dates with Rylee, Marcy will immediately start visiting PetsMarts and other places we can encounter dogs to get her out of Cujo mode.  Just as learning to accept other people is for Marcy’s safety, so too is accepting other dogs.


22 thoughts on “Sunday Cute Picture: Mad Marcy

    1. We’ll just keep the pictures. Next step, get Marcy, when she sees a strange dog, to do the Slugger “I wanna play!” dance 🙂

  1. As usual, love the article. This too made me laugh! I know you will get Marcy over her hump and help her realize that she is safe outside of Run A Muck.

    1. She’ll get there. In retrospect, actually, when we were at Rylee’s house, I got to thinking it was probably too much for Marcy the first time out. Still, that she made it home untouched and alive, it had value. We’ll just make sure the future expeditions are shorter until she can handle it.

    1. For the fierce face or for not collapsing into the puddle of panic that was Marcy when she was brought in from the wild?

  2. We LOVED Marcy’s mean face. She is such a cutie. I wish she would have passed me to walk side by side with Pierre. Next time!
    I have the trail information for the Bursera trees and there’s even a Bursera Trail! I talked to my hiking buddy about it and he’s all in, so we’ll just need to set a day. Can’t wait to see you guys again! 🙂

    1. Pierre didn’t get the mean face – he only got the “Hey, I don’t know you” face.

      We’re in for South Mountain whenever you are available! Crabby may even go!

      1. Pierre got lucky, then. 🙂

        S. Mtn will either be super early on the 3rd because I have to be home 9:30, or the weekend of the 9th/10th. If the 9th/10th, I’ll let you guys pick the day and time.

    1. If I were to read it correctly, the trail was apprehension, bordering on fear, the experience with Rylee was just angry Marcy 🙂 Believe it or not, that’s a good thing considering how she used to be!

  3. Hurray for the small steps she is making, and hurray to you both for continuing with her socialisation and working with her to bring out her true self!

    1. That she stood her ground rather than tuck into a fetal position speaks volumes as to how far she’s come! She’ll get there!

    1. Actually, Marcy was doing the arched back, hair standing on end stance. With her long legs, she looked just like a cat. We just didn’t get any of those in pictures – bummer!.

  4. Wow – what a photo! Mr. K used to have behavioral issues from time to time but with time and patience, he’s learned to love other dogs! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

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