Mortimer Gets His Brain Leak Repaired

When Morty showed up in our driveway, he had what appeared to be an injury on his head.  We not so silently cursed whoever had hit Morty, with whatever implement was used, for hurting him.

Turns out, the ‘injury’ was actually a cyst that had broken open.  A biopsy was done at the time of Morty’s neuter, and it was determined the cyst was benign.

We learned to live with the bump, telling people it was Morty’s brain leak.  Hey, he came to us intelligent and has become increasingly stupid, ergo, the brain leak story seemed not only plausible but possible!

The cyst got bigger, Morty got stupider, the rough-playing Idiot Group increased by 1 (Marcy) and it became impossible to keep the cyst from either rupturing or getting torn open, which inevitably lead to infection, a trip to the vet, and a course of antibiotics.

Today, we got Morty’s brain leak plugged.  The cyst was removed.


Poor Morty had a bad day.
Poor Morty had a bad day.


When the vet had Morty’s head open, she found the cyst was much larger than previously believed.  What was anticipated as maybe a 1 inch straight incision turned into a several inch Franken-Morty gash.    In retrospect it makes sense: the outward size of the lump vs. the marked decrease in Morty’s intelligence did seem a little out of proportion.

As the incision heals, the skin will more than likely pucker around it.  In other words, Morty’s gonna have a pretty good scar.   But at least whatever brain he has left won’t leak out any more!

Crabby says if the scar is really prominent, he’s going to tell people he meets in the wilderness Morty got it fighting off a bear.  Apparently that sounds a lot cooler than saying Morty had a cyst.  We wouldn’t want Morty not to be cool, now would we?


The Franken-Morty cut that will leave a pretty good scar.
Franken-Morty .



Morty is resting comfortably, doped up on Tramadol for the pain.  The trick will be keeping him quiet, which means separate from the rest of The Idiot Group until Halloween, when he is scheduled to have his stitches removed.   Wish us luck!

While you’re waiting for Morty to recover and head back out into the wilderness, please enjoy this, Crabby’s first attempt at video production, from Morty Cam during a Sunday Family Desert Walk a few weeks ago.  Bless Crabby for being able to sit through very long, stomach lurching segments to pull out only the good parts!


35 thoughts on “Mortimer Gets His Brain Leak Repaired

    1. Actually, Franky with his severe under-bite and burn scar down his back get’s to be the Frankenstein dog every Halloween. Haven’t figured out who Morty gets to be.

    1. The sound is much improved since we started taking off his main collar hasn’t it? It used to be the constant metal hitting metal.

    1. Ain’t gonna happen. All we can do is settle the beasties down when they get too crazy. Morty is already acting as if nothing happened.

  1. Oh poor Morty! I am glad that he is on the mend. Get well soon, Morty!
    The clip was great as usual. I was calling at Morty ‘No, Morty! No waterrrrrr!’ then realized the camera was waterproof. A good job.
    I enjoy watching them running freely in a great landscape under a beautiful sky. Where we live in Central London, there is a full of concrete and a very grey sky… (>_<)

    1. Morty is already back to his old tricks.

      I am nominating Crabby as the Morty Cam video producer from here on out – he did a much better job than I did!

      I am guessing as excited as we get about rain, or even overcast skies for that matter, you would think us a little odd?

      1. Well, you will probably find walking dogs in the rain is not as nice as doing it in a sunshine. We have far too many rainy days in UK. So when the sun comes out, all of us rush to the park and start sunbathing!

      2. Chuckle… and when it rains here, we load up Idiots and go out to the desert to play in the mud 🙂

      3. We use the Waggin’ Wagon. There’s a moving blanket layed out in the back – just pull it out and shake it off, and Crabby has gotten pretty good with a wet rag on the walls.

        You’re still relatively new, so you don’t understand yet: We kind of gave up on keeping mud outside when we crossed over from 5 to 6 dogs. Now, with 52 paws, any attempt to keep the outside outside, even if it isn’t raining, is an exercise in futility. It’s why we are constantly releasing Larry the Rumba, sweeping, vacuuming, doing laundry, etc. etc. etc., sometimes several times a day.

    1. When Morty is ‘upset’ for any reason, he whistles. From the amount of whistling he did yesterday, ‘brave’ isn’t a word I’d use with him 🙂 That being said, I think I’m on board with Crabby’s “Fought off a bear” story!

    1. Morty is already back to being Morty, much to my chagrin. He really needs to take it easy and my chastising him for getting too rowdy makes him give me the pathetic look.

      We are really working on the bear story, only I altered it from Morty saving a tent full of children from a grizzly (I don’t believe any wildlife attacks unprovoked so I don’t want to perpetuate the myth) to Morty saved a bear cub from a mentally deranged Tea Party Bear (because we already know the politically connected have no scruples and the Tea Party representatives will act irrationally).

      1. I can’t deal with the thought of any of the kids in pain, and had figured given the size of the cut and the stitches, maybe 5 days on Tramadol to make it easier on Morty. The way he’s acting though… tonight is his last dose. Maybe if he hurts a little he’ll slow down!

  2. Loved the story of Mortimer’s Cyst. Well told. (It is ok to call him Mortimer, right? Or does that make him sound like a cat?)

    And Morty-Cam is definitely thrilling. Non-stop action-packed drama! 5 stars!

    1. No worries – Morty’s dumb down came from hanging out with The Most Stupidist Dog To Ever Walk The Face Of The Earth, and a brain leak. Head knocks had nothing to do with it!

    1. I’m trying to convince Crabby he’s in charge of future Morty Cam productions. He does a much better job than I do.

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