Sweet William Delivers Pittsburgh Steelers Win Over Jets

For those who read the last Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin, I made claim that my Sweet William, nemesis to The Crabby Man, a hard-core Steelers fan, could salvage the current NFL season for the team, if only Crabby would rub his head for luck.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and today, Crabby did indeed give, albeit grudgingly, a scritch atop Willy’s head just before the game started.  However, it was only a finger tip scritch, and the more meaningful palm-to-head rub didn’t occur.  Still, at half time, for the first time in the season, the Steelers lead.  The score was 9 to 6, close enough for the Jets to make a come back.

When half-time arrived, I implored Crabby to give a more meaningful and sincere rub, palm touching head, to Willy to secure the game win.  Again, with the same reluctance, but with full palm contact, Crabby rubbed Willy’s head.

Note this was not a scritch, there was full hand contact.
Note this was not a scritch, there was full hand contact.


There were many season firsts for the Steelers that second half, most importantly, a win with a score of 19-6.

After all this, including the 10 points Willy got for the Steelers in the Cleveland game as described in the News Bulletin, Crabby remains unconvinced of Willy’s magical powers.

Rather than punish the entire Steelers Nation for Crabby’s pride (refusing to submit to the power of Willy), Willy has agreed to accept head rubs by proxy in order to secure Steelers’ wins, in exchange for his most favorite  toy in the world; the Dodo Bird.


The fee structure for future Steelers’ wins is as follows:

1 Dodo Bird per regular season game win request

2 Dodo Birds from 5 (five) separate individuals to insure a spot in the playoffs (payable any time during the season).

4 Dodo birds for a play off series win.

6 Dodo Birds to get into the Super Bowl

10 Dodo Birds for a Super Bowl win.

All payments must be presented as the season progresses.  In other words, sending 6  Dodo Birds now will not guarantee a spot in the Super Bowl.  Said payment would have to be received during the playoffs to be properly applied.  The only exception to the rule is the 5 (five) separate individuals sending 2 Dodo Birds each to get the Steelers into the playoffs.  Willy feels that’s just too much love to ignore.

For anyone that would like to see Willy in Steelers’ attire, he weighs 54 pounds.  Your good luck charm should be properly clothed after all, right?

Please send payment to:  WIlliam Achmed Goodhart, PO Box 8128, Cave Creek, AZ 85327.

William is waiting to see just how badly the Steelers Nation wants its team to win.

Willy practicing his game day posture.
Willy practicing his game day posture.

13 thoughts on “Sweet William Delivers Pittsburgh Steelers Win Over Jets

  1. What an elaborate preparation before the game! I like it. My husband checks the result of his soccer (football in UK) team game first on internet and if they have won, he watches the game on TV. I really don’t see the point of it all but he doesn’t like to watch a live match because it is too stressful. I would rather watch it live with all roller coaster moments. What does your Crabby think about that? (^-^;)

    1. Crabby follows American traditions: Set up all the talismans, commandeer the television and couch, load up the coffee table with junk food, strip down to T-shirt and underwear, fall asleep before the first quarter is finished.

      Perhaps if yours were to ‘fan’ the way mine does, he could sleep through the game as it’s happening rather than having to tape it for future viewing.

    1. He has always tried to be the bigger man in his relationship with Crabby. I think his causing Crabby’s team to win deserves a lot of Kudos (and respect) from Crabby.

  2. @fing…gotta go live, just stay clear if it’s a close match.

    @Kyla…hehehe the red gets stredded first : )

    William may have given us the game but it comes at a price…I lost my side of the bed last night.

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