Crabby and Morty Hike Rodgers Canyon in the Superstition Mountains

Before I send you over to the Morty Cam coverage of the trip, I have to tell you a little story:

Crabby and Morty left last Friday for what was to be a weekend trip.  I expected them back sometime on Sunday.  They were back Saturday evening.

Why did they come back early you might ask?

This, according to Crabby:

Crabby and Morty pitched their tent, a brandy new one that is, large enough to fit more than one man and a pup, at the top of a crest, overlooking the gentle valleys tucked between the mountains.


At some point around dark, “Hurricane Agnes” rolled in, and she brought gale force winds with her.  So strong were the winds, the tent stakes failed.   Crabby and Morty were forced to use whatever means necessary to weigh down the corners of the tent from the inside, lest it blow away.  Unfortunately, the fully loaded cooler proved no match for nature’s fury, and when the corner it was supposed to be holding down went airborne, said cooler tipped, dumping its contents, half of which was water, about the floor of the tent.

The cooler failure wouldn’t have been so bad had it not dumped water all over the inside of a water proof tent, soaking man, beast and sleeping accoutrements as the tent struggled to remain upright.  Indeed, the conditions were likened to one sitting inside a front-loading washing machine while it was running on a heavy-duty cycle.

Despite all efforts to save their shelter, Crabby and Morty became trapped in a tangle of wet canvas as the brand new tent collapsed under the storm’s fury, causing an “every Man (or dog) for himself” exodus of the tent.  After great struggle, Crabby did eventually claw his way, on his hands and knees, to fresh air, only to come face to face with a ‘giant’ tarantula, according to Crabby, and I quote “It was running straight at me!”

For those who are not aware, Crabby and arachnids do not mix.  Remember, this is the man who jumped out of a moving vehicle over a spider – and he (Crabby) was driving!   Apparently being low to the ground, narrowly escaping the death trap that was once the tent, and seeing a tarantula “running straight at [me]” in the beam of the flashlight proved too much for Crabby, and, by his own admission, he screamed, and possibly peed a little.

Crabby’s state of mind, and being armed with a flashlight, well… RIP little tarantula guy.

By this time, it wasn’t even midnight yet….

After dispatching the tarantula, Crabby went back to rescue Mortimer, still struggling to get out of the collapsed tent, and the two spent a very shaky (literally, Crabby said he thought the wind was going to tip the Waggin’ Wagon a few times), and sleepless night, huddled together in cold, wet sleeping bags.

Personally, I’m not sure why Crabby welched on staying another night…

Anyway, on to Morty Cam!

13 thoughts on “Crabby and Morty Hike Rodgers Canyon in the Superstition Mountains

    1. Trust me, he got an earful from me. I go a step further: If I see scorpions or snakes or any other creepy crawly, I move them or protect them.

    1. Actually, the video was taken the day after. That’s why Morty isn’t moving around all that fast. Even tired, he likes to get out there!

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