The Sunday Cute Picture: FINALLY it’s Gracie!

With the exception of the one picture of Gracie, laying in a stream, taken a few years back, none of her pictures are very striking.  It doesn’t matter how many different situations or backgrounds we put her in, Gracie always looks the same.  Compare this one taken this morning to any other Gracie shot ever shown on this blog:

Same bat ears, same washed out appearance, same downward look, every one blah.   It’s not that we don’t try, it’s that Gracie isn’t a very good model.  Whenever we catch her doing something photo-worthy and turn on the camera, she immediately stops what she’s doing and assumes the generic and un-noteworthy Gracie pose.  That desert brown + sunshine + white coat usually = blurry or faded exposures really doesn’t help matters any.

This morning, during Sunday Family Desert Walk, (The Walks are BACK!)  I took a total of 435 pictures, 70 were of Gracie.  Every last one of them pretty much the same as all that came before, only the date had changed.

But I did get this one!


I think you can tell she had a little fun at the water holes this morning!


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Cute Picture: FINALLY it’s Gracie!

    1. I tried to look at your blog to see what you look like, but it appears you are still under construction. Do YOU look like your grandparents were a goat and a dog, and that one of their offspring hooked up with a Muppet? I thought Gracie was the only one!

    1. I’m supposed to be the videographer, and back up photographer. Still have nearly 2000 pics I haven’t gone through, dating back to last fall. Did you take as many pics of me as I do of the dogs????

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