Run A Muck Ranch Has a Favor to Ask

I have a friend who gives her all to support a cause.  She lives a couple of states over and we’ve never actually spoken or met.

Yesterday, I sent this friend an e-mail making an offer for something that could be used in a Christmas fund raiser.  Her response has bothered me since I read it last night.

It isn’t what she said in the e-mail, it’s what she didn’t.  Her response was so completely and totally out of character.  It may just be me reading way to much into it, but I’m sensing my friend is feeling a little low right now,  She works very hard for the cause, and from some of the posts I see on her Facebook page, despite pleas for help, she is often on her own.

Here’s the favor:  I would like everyone who reads this post to make a donation, even if it’s just a dollar, to the cause, and in the memo line, put “Because Laura is Awsome!”

Since readers and followers happen to be in various parts of the world, here’s how you can do it:


Americans:  Soldier’s Animal Companion Fund  (SAC) helps soldiers in combat bring the strays who gave them comfort home from the war zone, through its support of Nowzad, one of the first ever animal shelters in Afghanistan.  Additionally, SAC supports War Dogs Making it Home, an organization that pairs soldiers suffering from PTSD and TBI with service dogs.   We’re not talking high bred service dogs here, we’re talking pound pups.  Helping people and animals, at the same time – there is no better combination.   Please go to Donate Now to make your donation of $1 or more.  Don’t forget to put “Because Laura is Awesome!” in the comment box!


Everyone else:  Nowzad is an amazing organization, founded by Brits, and located in Afghanistan, which shelters the strays loved by the soldiers serving in Afghanistan, from all over the world.  It also raises funds to transport the strays back to the soldiers’ countries of origin where they can be reunited.   If you saw a reunion between a soldier and an Afghani mutt or cat on your local news, chances are Nowzad made it happen.

Additionally, Nowzad is working tirelessly to change attitudes of Afghani citizens concerning animals.  I think their mission statement can say it better than I can:  “The aim of the charity is to improve the welfare of the animals of Afghanistan; which includes humanely reducing the stray dog population which in turn will reduce the incidents of canine rabies, provide animal welfare education for the Afghan people and develop training programmes to improve the lives of working animals.” 

Again, an organization that helps both people and animals.   The best of all worlds.

A MUST READ!  Tells the origins of Nowzad.  If you can't find it locally, order it!
A MUST READ! Tells the origins of Nowzad. If you can’t find it locally, order it!

Show of hands out there; how many of you would be willing to do this kind of work in a country that doesn’t value it’s animals —- during a war?   Nowzad is about as worthy a cause as you can find.

If you want to help both people and animals, by honoring your soldiers and the war buddies they don’t want to leave behind, please go to Donate Now and give your $1 or more to Nowzad, just don’t forget to put “Because Laura is Awsome!” in the comment line!

Please do me this favor.   Give a boost to a wonderful stranger who might be feeling down right now,  and help animals and people at the same time.  Where else can you get that much bang for the buck for a donation?

EDIT:  After posting this I then went to donate to SAC.  I tried twice but it kept saying the transaction failed and that my information wasn’t correct.  I have had problems with the +3 on the back of the card with other things, so assuming that was it.  Jumped over to Nowzad and made the donation through Paypal… but forgot to put “Laura is Awsome!” in the comment.  Don’t make the same mistake I did!  Remember that comment!


13 thoughts on “Run A Muck Ranch Has a Favor to Ask

  1. As I sit here with Harley in my lap, I am overwhelmed by the implications of what I just read in the link above link ”“. I have passed along the link to some others, who have already responded, under the title of “THIS IS WHY SOME PEOPLE HAVE DO WHAT THEY DO”. It makes me more appreciative of what you and the other Kates and Lauras of the world do. You remind us that there is no hope for the human race if we cannot treat our fellow earthly inhabitants far better than we do. But, your actions give us a glimmer of hope.

    I have just expressed “Laura is awesome” .

    1. Keep in mind, your Grand dog Willy is from the same place, thus the reason his full name is William Achmed. Thankfully he didn’t have it as bad as Wiley, or most of the other dogs, for that matter, but he didn’t have it easy either. I’ll send you my copy of One Dog at a Time if you don’t want to get your own. Rescue here, EASY compared to what the people of Nowzad do! Like them on Facebook to see the incredible work and pay particular attention to Joey, the honorary Run A Muck Ranch kid.

  2. The optimum phrase here is “outside of Canberra” which is 1537k and three states away from here. Australia is a parochial place and if it doesn’t happen in your particular state – unless it’s earth shattering – it probably wont get reported. Each state has its own news service. ” Good evening, here is the news “Mongolia invades China, Genghis Khan, attacks Kathmandu -William of Normandy invades England, Canada declares war on Alaska, – but first, the football results” That is typical of our news service.

  3. Thank you so much for highlighting the work that Nowzad and SAC Fund do in bringing home the beautiful dogs to their soldier carers. The companionship they give to soldiers so far away from home and family is amazing considering that these dogs were born and live on the streets. The stories of them guarding and their early warnings have saved lives, I’m sure.

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