The Sunday Pathetic Picture: A Look in the Run A Muck Ranch Freezer

Given what you’ve read in this blog, haven’t you ever wondered what it looks inside our freezer?  Sure you have!  Let me give you the narrative on what you’re looking at;

Top Shelf: 

The ice trays on the left are ice cubes made from meat cooking water.  The kids like them on hot days.

The 3 Hungry Man dinners are some of Crabby’s meals for the week.

Everything else:  What I cooked over the last 2 days and mixed today for the kids’ meals.  Most now get homemade mixed with their kibble, thus the need for much.

Bottom Shelf:   

The containers that look similar to the ones on the top shelf… all dog food.

The green package under the ice cream:  Fish food.

All else, people food.

As we feed off the dog food, and get a little more space in the freezer, we start buying ‘manager specials’ meats, livers and organ meats to get ready for the next cooking round.

Are we pathetic or what?




18 thoughts on “The Sunday Pathetic Picture: A Look in the Run A Muck Ranch Freezer

  1. Yup, that’s pathetic. It’s all neatly stacked. What are you thinking? That’s not a freezer, it’s a “House Beautiful” showpiece. Get some creativity and randomness. Stuff some stuff there. You know what everything is-what? No mystery packages????

    1. I’m assuming Kyla is responding on behalf of herself and not her human slave? I’ve seen neat freezers and ours isn’t one of them! Just happens a lot of dog food went in today and the containers are stackable. As far as mystery packages.. they would be in the fridge where the people food goes. Even then, we do have the claim to fame that with the amount of dog food ingredients that run through this house, since space is at a premium, anything mystery is only weeks and not decades old, cleaned out so we can make room for dog stuff:)

    1. I used to do this with store bought broth or bullion. The dogs really liked it. Thing is, they seem to like the cooking water just as much, and it’s free.

      1. Actually, even veggie juices can be good “ice chips” as well. If you cook it in water, you have a treat waiting to happen. Question for you though: I still haven’t mastered the art of getting them out of the ice tray without having to run water over them. Have you figured out a trick to get them out whole?

      2. Mine is a plastic ice cube tray so it has the flexibility of twisting movement. If that doesn’t work, I flip the tray upside down and hot water on the bottom of the tray so that they melt a little and just pop out.
        Veggie juices! ANOTHER great idea! Thanks for these. 🙂

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