My Two Princes in a Candid Moment

This is a little sequel to the earlier posted Two Princes, and to dispel any lasting belief that Crabby and Willy are arch enemies.

I was just settling in a little while ago and happened to catch this pic of Crabby and Willy watching the game together.


Note Crabby's pants are off, but Willy is polite enough to keep his fur on.
Note Crabby’s pants are off, but Willy is polite enough to keep his fur on.

They were discussing the merits of the Chiefs and the Eagles.  Willy hoped the Eagles would lose because of Micheal Vick.  Crabby pointed out that the coach that hired Vick after he got out of prison is currently coaching the Chiefs.  The general consensus between the 2 is that they hoped a jet engine would fall off a plane and take both teams out.


I've caught them sitting together even when there isn't food involved, so don't even go there!
The Crabby Man and The Crabby Dog. 






14 thoughts on “My Two Princes in a Candid Moment

    1. No, I’m just a crazy dog lady. Since I was stating what could possibly be considered derogatory statements about my men, I thought I should use a flattering title to throw them off 🙂 The original title was “Crabby Men of Run A Muck Ranch”.

      Vito facing the camera, at Crabby’s feet, Franky’s back and Mortimer at upper right, with the glowing eyes.

      1. Oh I thought it could be Marcie or Dash based on my amateur assessment of the colour :P. Don’t think I’ve read about Franky much. I just noticied Mortimer with the glowing eyes now that you’ve pointed him out… my short sightedness focuses on the foreground. 😛

      2. “Very Sweet”, it’s the same as being told a blind date has a “Great Personality”. Poor Franky, like Gracie he needs to walk on the wild side so I can get more stories!

      3. Incidentally “very sweet” is the only phrase the shelter people have ever used to describe Donna. Perhaps Franky has more personality then her 😉 but is just overshadowed by the idiots. Although it has also been said that heroes show up better against idiots 😀 keep an eye out!

    1. Unfortunately, no jet engine fell on them.

      Just seems to me professional athletes are becoming more and more misbehaved in their personal lives. Unless and until the sports fans change their focus from being fans to being human, demanding the bad apples be plucked from the tree (thrown out of leagues altogether), I fear it will only get worse 😦

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