The Shark, The Sunny Fish and The Minnow



Morty is obviously The Shark.  He’s big and I will never forget the day I saw him snatch a bird right out of the air – like the movie sharks.

Slugger, with his freakishly large, flat, flipper, clown feet is clearly part fish.  His disposition makes him a Sunny Fish as opposed to a Sun Fish.

And little protégé Marcy, obviously she’s The Minnow.   I thought Slugger loved water more than any dog possibly could.  Enter The Minnow.  She’s a serious water lover.

We, more particularly The Idiots,  are incredibly lucky this year to have had rain.  These pictures are taken at what amounts to retention basins dug in the desert to collect rain water for cows.  If you happen to have seen the Slugger Re-Birthday video, ( at the 29 second mark, you will see Slugger running into the very same ‘water hole’ where this photo was taken, sans water.


13 thoughts on “The Shark, The Sunny Fish and The Minnow

  1. Lots of dry creek beds in this part of South Australia are subject to flash flooding – dry one minute, full of water the next. Just have to be careful and check the weather upstate or even inter-state at times.

    1. Same here! We had a scary moment about a week ago when I took the Idiots on a mid day walk when I was rained out of work. We are smart enough to stay out of washes during storms, but this particular storm caused a sudden and without warning waterfall over the entire side of a small mountain that we had to walk up to get to the Waggin’ Wagon. The water was so strong I had to carry Hector and Marcy. We weren’t in an area where we would have been caught in a flood, but still. Rain in the desert can be a powerful force and must be respected.

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