When Beautiful Moments Go Bad

The Rim Country sits at an altitude of 7000 feet, or thereabouts.

It had rained the last night of our camping trip.


Indeed, it was still misting as we were packing to go home.


The combination of altitude and climatic conditions meant we were literally in the clouds as we started to make our way home.


As anxious as I was to get home to the other kids, the chance to actually walk in the clouds was such a magical opportunity, we just couldn’t pass it up, so we pulled over to take one last walk.


One last walk, in the clouds, Mortimer, Slugger and me, a girl and her dogs.


It was gorgeous!  Misty, foggy, and the smell of the woods!  I wish I could bottle that smell!


One last walk, a walk in the clouds, and this was the only pic Crabby got.




Considering Crabby was a little, well, crabby that morning, do you think he is trying to say something here?


22 thoughts on “When Beautiful Moments Go Bad

  1. A man and his dog – fine. A girl and her dogs – Magical. The Highest mountain in Australia is Mount Kosciuszko at some 7310 feet. If that’s the highest, you can figure that the rest of Australia is pretty flat. In our part of the world, the Flinders Ranges – 445 klms. long – the highest peak is just over 1000 feet.

    1. We live at about 2500 feet. I personally was amazed at the difference in ‘personal wind factor’ when hiking 5000 feet higher…

    1. Except for the yahoos shooting constantly the night before, and of course the cows, yes, it was pretty quiet – bird song being music, and not counted as noise.

  2. Well, it was a nice action shot, anyway! Very beautiful, nonetheless. I do love the fact, however, that Slugger is right smack in the middle of the photo. Inappropriate pooping moments…gotta love ’em!

    1. Living on the desert… we LOVE it when it rains! It’s when The Stupidist Dog to Ever Walk the Face of the Earth decided to ‘crap up’ what should have been a good pic (or Crabby decided not to do a re-shoot when he saw what was going on through the view finder) that we tend to complain a little…

    1. Actually, had it been a simple picture of a girl and her dogs, it wouldn’t have been Slugger. His claim to fame is his ability to muck up any situation 🙂

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