Sunday Cute Picture: Efficient Use of Space



Maude, Emmi and Mortimer demonstrating how to get the maximum use out of a minimum space.



14 thoughts on “Sunday Cute Picture: Efficient Use of Space

  1. Funny you should post this picture at this time. We are currently engaged in a battle to try to get Harley and LittleGirl to settle down for sleep. Talk about two high maintenence animals!

    1. We have to settle down many dogs, and many of them are larger. You have 2 little ones. How hard can that be? Incidentally, Harley likes having a buddy, doesn’t he?

      1. But I live with DASH!, Hector and Marcy. Believe it or not… take her for a drive. It actually works.

    1. There was actually a 4th in the heap, but had I moved in the slightest to get the other one in, they all would have moved and I would have lost the shot! Dogs are cooperative that way…

    1. Would never happen – Sarah, the pure pit, would never leave the couch. Her people are funny that way, as you well know.

    1. We get a lot of cuddle pictures. What makes them seem extra special to me is the varied backgrounds of the kids, and that none were ‘tested’ before they became permanent residents. They were accepted ‘as-is’ and the result never ceases to bring a tear to my eye.

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