Why it Sucks to be Gracie

I was just going back through the archives of this Blog looking for something, and when I was done, I had one thought:  It sucks to be Gracie.




Thing about Gracie, well, there is no ‘thing’.

The other kids, they have stories.  Gracie, nothing, nada, zilch.  She is barely noticeable in a house full of wild things.

It’s even hard to get a good picture of her.  Gracie’s color and body shape means every picture, no matter the circumstances, always comes out looking the same.  See what I mean?







Actually, we do have this one which is pretty cute:




Sometimes I wish Gracie would do something noticeable,  She doesn’t have to save kittens from a fire or anything like that.  I would settle for chewing a shoe, shredding a pillow or getting caught peeing on the floor.

Normal Gracie:  Perfectly well mannered, unimposing, never makes demands, never draws attention to herself.  If you call her, she is immediately in front of you, standing at attention.  If you put her in your lap (as she is right now, incidentally) she goes completely limp and doesn’t move a muscle.  If not for the fact she has to be fed, there would be absolutely no difference between Gracie and a stuffed animal.

If you remember from Gracie’s bio, she was found by Crabby one morning on the side of the road, and no one claimed her.  Sad but true, it probably took a few months for her original home to realize she was missing.

Gracie really is a great kid who should be shared, if only there was something to share. I guess the point of even writing this particular blog entry is just to remind you that she’s here.  As long as you are reminded, would you mind sending thoughts Gracie’s way so that she will do something cute, something bad, just something that I can tell you about?


15 thoughts on “Why it Sucks to be Gracie

  1. I always think about Gracie. If I lived anywhere within shouting distance of Arizona, I would adopt her because I think her “thing” is that she is the Keeper of the Knowledge. She understands all the mysteries of the enigma that is Runamuckranch, and the people who run it. She says nothing, does nothing, but takes everything in and one day – we hope in the distant future – she will pass that knowledge to whomsoever it needs to be passed to. Her “thing” is that she is a conduit for a greater authority, and I’d still adopt her because all the thoughts in the world wont alter things, there is no bad bone in her body.

  2. She may not stand out among all the rest but she’s still a beautiful girl! Having a home and being happy must be enough for her. I’ll keep her in my thoughts though and when my ZuZu rips her toys to shreds I’ll wish it on you 😉

    1. Wish away but I don’t think it will do any good! Gracie is one of the kids that does Rental Dog on a regular basis. They have a mountain of toys, some a couple years old, all looking brand new. It’s not that Gracie doesn’t play with them, it’s that she doesn’t appear to want to mess them up.

  3. Well…she is the perfect color for jello dying…(not that I would do such a thing…but a shamrock green Great Pyr is a funny sight lol). Could I send you my Lumby and maybe some of his chewing issues will rub of on Gracie? She could chew a little and he could not chew so much! He chews EVERYTHING he can get his mouth around.

      1. I actually did dye her pink (very visible) in anticipation of her becoming Crabby’s camping pal. Turns out, while Gracie likes to explore, she prefers sleeping under a roof at night. She has remained white ever since.

    1. Gracie is next in line after Maude to be Queen of Run A Muck Ranch. She doesn’t care about being Queen, she’s just happy to be living in the castle.

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