The Big Camping Trip: Day 1

My apologies that this video is more people than pups.

This is the first time we have gone away together in years, and this trip was nearly 2 months in the planning, so everything went perfect, right?

Sure it did…


11 thoughts on “The Big Camping Trip: Day 1

  1. and the Jeep didn’t break down, it just took a breather along the highway. and yes, down the road may have been a better spot but then how could you have enjoyed the sweet smells of the pastures back east!

    1. We were stuck on the side of a deserted road, at above 100 degrees, with no shade. I think that is defined as a break down. A breather would have taken place in a shady area.

    1. How much did he pay you to say that????

      Hopefully some of my wildflower shots will rival some of your gorgeous shots at Gardens for Goldens!

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