A Non-Dog Related Product Review: Giant Marshmallows

Our recent camping trip gave us the opportunity to test a certain new campfire staple.

Camping season is almost over here in the Northern Hemisphere, so for those living above the equator, file this review away for next year.

To those living in the Southern Hemisphere; your camping season is just around the corner!

We at Run A Muck Ranch hope our sacrifice helps you to make wise choices.



4 thoughts on “A Non-Dog Related Product Review: Giant Marshmallows

  1. Glad to see that you got your camping trip in. I hope your “family” endured the separation OK.

    I’ll be going on a 3 day camping trip (fishing) myself in early October. It will be interesting to see how Harley reacts to my absence. We have never spent a night apart in the 5 1/2 years since he came to live with us. So, we’ll see how that works out.

    1. The 2 that stayed at their Rental Dog Home started a hunger strike on Saturday.

      Of the ones at home, 1/2 wouldn’t eat, and the ones that did all threw up. We aren’t clear on how Marcy handled it because she went under the bed Friday and didn’t come out until we got home. Vito also had a seizure.

      It’s been 4 years since we went away, and it was just for 1 night.

      Good luck with Harley!

      1. We’re keeping Rich’s dog for 3 days next week. She really flakes out when Rich leaves her with anybody for just for a short time. That should be interesting.

        By the way, are you going to put the Morty Cam on YouTube?

      2. Yes on the Morty Cam. We want to give people the experience of what it is actually like to roll in cow patties…

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