Sunday Cute Picture: We Actually Did It!

For the first time in years, Crabby and I actually went away together, camping for the weekend!  Since no vacation (it was only 2.5 days, but hey, I rarely get 2 days off in a row, so it counts!) is complete without kids, Mortimer and Slugger went with us.

Between me and Crabby, there are more than 1000 photos, a few hours of my video and I think at least 2 hours of Morty Cam to go through.   Nothing is ever easy here at The Ranch, so you can be rest assured there are lots of stories to tell!  But that will all take a little time.  So for now, I’ll give you some of the cliff notes:

The Waggin’ Wagon broke down in transit, the campsite was overrun with cows (and cow patties), it rained, Crabby honestly thought 2 people and 2 larger dogs could fit in a 2 man tent, The Legend of the Mystical Mort Mort was born, Slugger De-Graced a model (hoping she will let me share the video with you!) and the list goes on!

On the home front:

Gracie and Franky stayed at their Rental Dog house for the weekend.  Both started a hunger strike last night.

The remaining 9 stayed with a babysitter who will probably now need therapy:  1/2 the kids didn’t eat and the ones that did threw up.  Not sure how Marcy fared in all this because at the sight of a stranger in her house, she hid under the bed – from Friday evening until we got home today.  As an added bonus, Vito had a seizure, which having had no experience with it, put the babysitter in a panic, racing to the ER.  If that all wasn’t enough of a kick in the keister for the poor girl, the TV wouldn’t work.

So until I can get all the pictures and videos in order, I leave you with the Sunday Cute pictures of Slugger camping at the Rim in Northern Arizona:

If you remember from previous posts, Slugger really loves flowers...
If you remember from previous posts, Slugger really loves flowers…
eating them, that is...
eating them, that is…

16 thoughts on “Sunday Cute Picture: We Actually Did It!

  1. Hilarious, love it. Have lived it but with only five, you have me beat by miles! Love the pic of Slugger and the flower. Hi to the babysitter, if you know where she is. How do you find time to write? I’m glad you do!

    1. Sometimes the kids sleep and before and after work I am always waiting for a laundry cycle to end… what better time to write?

    1. Obviously a facebook person who saw my request for someone(s) to step in and take care of the kids if Crabby and I were hit by a truck or abducted by aliens… Hey, you have no idea how Crabby drives! It coulda happened!

  2. Love it! The poor baby sitter, she will need therapy and you’ll need a new baby sitter, one who doesn’t know the scared one and one who doesn’t ask for previous baby sitter references, lol!

  3. Sounds like you guys had some fun adventures! How did you pick which two pooches to take–did you have a lottery system or did you play spin the bottle? I bet all the kids left at home were glad to have you back!

    1. Morty is Crabby’s Main Mutt, so he was a given. Slugger, being Morty’s Soul Mutt was the logical second choice. They were a blast together!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time – Pity about the “Sitter” though. I take it you will be adding Therapy Lessons for her to your expenses :O)
    Looking forward to future posts of the trip.

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