Happy Re-Birthday Emmi and Slugger!!!!

I really wanted to do updated Re-Birthday videos for Emmi and Slugger, but golly if that day job doesn’t interfere with the lifestyle I would like to live!

So much has happened in the last 2 years, most notable, both Emmi and Slugger have found bestys (Morty and Marcy), Slugger had a coherent thought once,  we found out the biological reason for Slugger’s freakishly large, flat, flipper, clown feet (he’s part fish) and the list goes on.

The one thing that hasn’t changed:  Crabby and I are so very lucky to share our lives with these two Idiots.

Some of you haven’t seen the ‘before’ pictures of Emmi and Slugger.  Here they are:


Hope and Slugger 002 Hope and Slugger 007 Today East and CCC 009[2] Today East and CCC 010[2] both DSC_1650_868 DSC_1651_869


Confession time again:  When we got involved to help Emmi and Slugger, we believed there was a network of people who were also helping.  Turns out, all that offered help was just talk on Facebook.  If we knew beforehand that would be the case, heck no!  we wouldn’t have gotten involved!  As it was, keeping up with the initial and endless medical bills for these two nearly broke us.

If the pictures haven’t freaked you out, perhaps my latest confession has?

Here’s the thing:  Looking down at my feet right now and thinking back over the last 2 years, if we had a time machine, would we go back and do it again?  Hell yes!  100 times over.  Where before we would never think twice about helping a ‘simple’ sick or injured dog, we would have balked at what I call a ‘hard core medical’ dog.  Not anymore.

Emmi and Slugger are such beautiful souls and the world is a much better place because of them.  You’re Welcome!

If they could talk, and could tell you their Re-Birthday wishes, I bet it would go something like this:

At least once in your life, take a chance on a dog no one else will touch.   We’re not talking adopting from a rescue, we mean go to the source:  The one least likely to be saved at the pound or the stray on the street.  Just once.

It will be hard.  You will second guess yourself repeatedly.  You may even regret your decision from time to time.    You’ll probably cry… a lot.  You may not sleep very well.    You may have to survive on Raman Noodles for a year just to keep up with the bills.  But what you get when you come out on the other side –  you will not be able to express it in words.   Just once, you be the hero to a lost cause.

You all should know by now that I love all my dogs dearly and equally (shhh!  don’t tell Willy about the ‘equally’ part!), but the journey taken with Emmi and Slugger, well, there’s just something else and different about them, the bond, the love…  you’ll just have to go through it yourself to understand.

Sorry about the replay of last year’s videos, but hey, you can never have too much Emmi and Slugger!




30 thoughts on “Happy Re-Birthday Emmi and Slugger!!!!

  1. That was a beautiful letter of love to Emmi and Slugger. We had the opportunity to rescue a dog off the street many years ago. She was heart worm positive, had a collar grown into her neck and was a bit of a social nightmare but she loved us truly and we loved her.

    1. Question for you: After all you went through with your girl (what was her name?), was there something between you that was different than with the other dogs you have loved?

      1. I had a special connection with her for sure! Her name was Beatrice but the neighbor kids used to call her Beastrice! Everyday I thought she blessed us and told us how happy she was that we found her!

      2. You need to write her story! Show people what they’re missing when they think a medical dog will be ‘too much trouble’. Tell them what they’re missing out on!

  2. I hadn’t seen the ‘before’ photos and they broke my heart. You and Crabby are an inspiration. To look at the change in Emmi and Slugger now is nothing short of a miracle, which you have brought about. I know you are blessed to have them as your fur kids, but they are *very* blessed to have you as parents x

    1. Actually, Crabby and I were just the humans in all this. The medical care made Emmi and Slugger better. It was them who inspired us, not the other way around.

  3. Awesome parents, lucky babies. Our last baby was a “roman noodles you will eat” case, and although I assumed that from first glance, my husband never waivered. This was his girl from the minute he picked her up and she snuggled his neck. The attendants said she needed to go to a female parent cause she was afraid of men, They changed their mind real quick after the Dog Magnet held her. Four years of pouring money and love into this little lady and we wouldn’t change a day of being with her. We have always had 3-5 dogs in our home and we are down to one, but you guys amaze me with your Run A Muck Crew, so congrats, hugs, and amen!

    1. There’s just something about the ones that make you work that gives you so much ‘different’ than the ones who don’t. I’m so glad you and your little girl found each other. You should really write her story.

    1. What I’m hoping people will see is that ‘rescue’ does not have to be limited to adopting from a rescue org. It is possible for individuals to rescue as well.

      Also, I am hoping that we can all remember that human is human, and even though people sing my praises as a wonderful person, if not tricked into the relationship with Slugger and Emmi, they would not be here today. At the time, not such a good idea. Now, totally different. The experience with Emmi and Slugger, and all the hardships early on, so worth it. It’s OK to have doubts, its OK to second guess. Just muddle through and it all works out. People say we did wonderful things for Emmi and Slugger. That really isn’t the case. They, above all others, have done wonderful things for us, and made us better people. If not for them, technically, the ‘us’ before you today would not exist.

  4. I’ve followed the progress of Slugger and Emmi from the beginning. Since I’m not there, I really can’t totally comprehend the transformation of these two animals, but I can sort of sense a bit what has happened. I am convinced that they both have learned to smile, and the “crazy dog” look in the water hole picture shows a Slugger who really has come to know happiness. I’ve told your story to a lot of people, but we just can’t fully comprehend the miracle that has happened. But, I show people the “before” pictures, followed by the Santa picture. That comes pretty close. I wish I could meet your friends. You and Crabby have done something special. It is no wonder that Slugger and Emmi are so special to you.

  5. I love some people – they are great. They offer you the Kingdom of Heaven – then give you Hell for expecting it. Help is not always forthcoming, even when offered. I’ve been there and have no wish ever to go back again. When circumstances arose I did what I could and took some dogs down to Adelaide when I was going there but that sort of petered out and a big part of the support structure folded because of stress related illness because the person running it was trying to run a business and organise dog rescue. Anyway, a very , very happy re-birthday to all four of you. The before and after photographs are just amazing.

    1. We’ve come to the conclusion that unless we are willing to go all the way, we just don’t get involved. It’s just easier that way…

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