A Vito Video To Put Him In Perspective

When people meet Vito in person, they are surprised by his size given the way I talk about him.

Just so happens I had some time to kill and a perfect setting to give you all the true perspective as to Vito’s hugeness.



Make no mistake, if you come to The Ranch with ill intent, Vito WILL take you down!  When Vito’s around, no one messes with the family, NO ONE!


12 thoughts on “A Vito Video To Put Him In Perspective

    1. Actually, its a Callidium, I was looking for a Coleus for a client but couldn’t find one. The Calidium appears to take a lot more abuse without getting as emotional. It’s my first time working with it so far so good!

      Vito was e-listed dog/human aggressive. It’s because he’s so huge, everyone was afraid of him 🙂

      1. Vito was aggressive to humans and other dogs, translation: Picked fights and bit. This made him ‘unadoptable’ at the pound, and he was slated to be killed. There are certain circumstances where people or rescues can take possession of one of these ‘dead dogs walking’ to give them another chance. Vito was a foster turned permanent. Turns out, his appearance was his downfall. People wanted to treat him like a purse pet when all he wanted was to be treated like the wolf he is. Run A Muck Ranch was the only place he could be guaranteed to be a wolf.

      2. Little dogs can be very serious – I wish people wouldn’t make this purse pet assumption. I’m glad Vito has a good home – best to all of you!

  1. Size is not important. What matters is heart and spirit – and Vito has the heart and spirit of the Grey Wolf – just as long as he takes care of Gracie :o) I have Coleus and I have not heard of Callidium so I will look for it. It looks nice.

    1. I had never heard of Callidium before. Since our climates are similar: It burns in sun but is thriving in shade, and we have had some pretty hot shade this year. It’s a bulb – so even if it freezes down in winter, it should – emphasis should – come back in spring. Crabby’s is a house plant, my client’s is an outdoor pot plant. Will definitely be watching it closely. Coleus gets pretty temperamental in cold and heat, my hope is Callidium will take less work!

  2. There are some small dogs who know they are small and act that way and there are a some small dogs with the heart and mind of a wolf! My littlest dog, Sophie, rules the pack and keeps the other girls in line. She also uses the elder lab, Viola, as a warm bed and sleeps on top of her. If that ain’t queenly, don’t know what is! Bless Vito and his swagger.

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