Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin 8/13/13

Wells Fargo Bank No Longer Owns DASH!‘s Resected Intestine

It had been previously reported that with the 2012 Tax Refund, Run A Muck Ranch would finally own DASH!‘s resected intestine. Unfortunately, other medical emergencies, came up.  It would be unfair to name the kid whose multiple medical issues prevented the anticipated payoff, and we wouldn’t want to be unfair to Willy…


On August 13, 2013, Crazy sent in the final payment on the loan taken out by Crabby back when DASH! was in need.  It only took nearly 3 years.

Can we get a Woo Hoo!

Crabby can now go to Wells Fargo and give the loan officer who wrote the loan a proper tell off.   Back when Crabby went for the loan he was honest about it’s purpose.  The loan officer asked why Crabby just didn’t get another dog.  Kudos to Crabby for keeping it together back then.

Emmi’s Valley Fever Titer Recheck Leads to Extraction of 2 Teeth

Talk about a “Why Not?” moment…  When taken in for her Valley Fever Titer Recheck, a troubled tooth was discovered with Emmi.  Not only was it infected, but the tooth had shifted.  When that tooth was being extracted, a second, broken tooth was discovered, and it also had to be removed.

Crazy and Crabby don’t carry the same guilt with Emmi as they did with Gracie’s dental problems because Emmi returns to the vet every 3 months for monitoring of her Valley Fever.  Any serious dental problems would have been identified during her examinations.  Also, as luck would have it, Emmi’s eating habits did not begin to change until 2 days before the most recent visit when the problem was identified.  Ergo, the problem arose and was identified with relative speed.


With this latest crisis taken care of, Crazy would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to light a candle and send good thoughts that the Run A Muck Ranch dogs will cut Crabby and Crazy just a little bit of slack and not have another crisis for at least 6 months.

Demon Dog Begins Evil Plan to Turn Crabby Against Crazy

Marcy is showing her true colors more and more of late.  For example:

Every day for about 2 weeks now, while Crabby and Crazy are at work, Marcy, and it has to be Marcy because it has never happened before, jumps up on the people bed and shuffles the blankets on Crazy’s side to make it appear there has been a human sleeper.

Crazy leaves for work before Crabby.   If Crabby gets home before Crazy, he sees her side of the bed disheveled and comes to the conclusion that Crazy simply parks out of sight until Crabby leaves in the morning, then comes home and sleeps all day, only to park out of sight again, just before Crabby is expected home.


When attempting to defend herself against accusations of sneak naps, Crabby reminds Crazy that it was her who said; “Dogs don’t have the capacity to lie.”  That statement can` further be expanded to say that if dogs don’t have the capacity to lie, they also do not have the capacity to frame humans.    The end result:  Marcy is an angel eye’d sweet puppy, and Crazy is a lazy sneak sleeper.

The “M” dog rule repeats…

Fluconazole Undergoes 1800% Price Increase; Difficult Decisions Made

Run A Muck Ranch has 4 Valley Fever Dogs.  What cost $22 per month total to treat all 4 went to $569 per month, overnight and without notice.  There is absolutely no way, absent a corporate sponsor (hint hint) Run A Muck Ranch can afford the new amount.


Slugger had the highest initial titers when originally diagnosed, but never showed symptoms.  It is possible for humans and dogs to have titers, but never show a symptom.  Therefore, Slugger has stopped treatment for his Valley Fever.

Sarah had the lowest initial titers when originally diagnosed.  Anyone who has followed the Run A Muck Ranch blog knows that vets have vacillated between believing Sarah’s neurological problems are related to Valley Fever or are caused by ‘something else’.   Additionally, the full and proper dose of Fluconazole made Sarah sick, therefore, she was on a less than half dose, with the belief that it would possibly slow the progression of the disease, if indeed that was the cause of her problems.  Sarah, like Slugger, has stopped treatment for her Valley Fever.


Angus and Emmi are the 2 who had definite symptoms, both respiratory and physical.  Therefore, they will continue treating and monitoring.

Slugger and Sarah will be closely watched, and if either begins to have problems, well, that bridge will be crossed when the time comes.


If anyone has an in with the drug cartels, tell them FLUCONAZOLE!  Elsewhere in the country, this price increase doesn’t even show on the radar.  In the southwest, however, the effects will be devastating as thousands of dogs will die because drug manufacturers decided they weren’t making enough money, so they just stopped manufacturing this very important drug.

Crazy Creates the Thanksgiving Medley Home Made Food Mix, Maude NOT Pleased.

As Queen of Run A Muck Ranch, and because she’s an old lady, Maude is now getting 1/2 kibble, 1/2 home made.  Maude has been quite pleased with the arrangement… until… Crazy introduced the Thanksgiving Medley mix.

This creation;  turkey, sweet potato, chicken hearts and gizzards, turkey giblets, green beans, carrots, eggs  and oatmeal, was believed by Crazy to be a great addition to the variety offered to the home made food dogs, and it was, for all the dogs, except for Maude, who immediately began a hunger strike.


No amount of coaxing, begging, tricking or disguising could get Maude to eat the Thanksgiving Medley.  And since she has become accustomed to having home made mixed with kibble, she will no longer eat naked kibble.  Still, Crazy was willing to wait her out.  After all, Maude would eventually get hungry enough to eat something wouldn’t she?  Enter Crabby:

Crabby demanded Crazy spend several hours cooking for Maude a meal she approves of.  And so, rather than taking a nap last Sunday, Crazy cooked Maude’s favorite beef meal, now known as Maude’s Mix, Maude is eating fine, and all is happy in the kingdom.

Since the other dogs love Crazy’s Thanksgiving Medley, it will continue to be on the menu, however, it will not be prepared until a sufficient amount of Maude’s Mix has been stored.

The Crazy Dog Lady has been properly schooled.

Sarah Off Prednisone; Responding Well to Amantadine

Sarah has been completely weaned off Prednisone and appears to be responding well to her Amantadine.  She has not needed Tramadol in at least 3 weeks.   She also stopped treating for Valley Fever 3 weeks ago.

Sarah has been more active, plays more and more vocal.  originally, it was believed she was agitated, a possible side effect of Amantadine, but it turns out Run A Muck Ranch just wasn’t used to a rowdy Sarah.


In December Sarah will have outlived her life expectancy, due to her health problems, by 1 year.  Fingers crossed this new and improved version stays with us many years.


8 thoughts on “Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin 8/13/13

  1. I wonder if there are patient assistance programs for animal meds just like for people meds? Although going through the process of getting them amost drove me insane! That price increase is crazy. I wonder who is sitting pretty with that profit. Wish you all well.

    1. Don’t I wish! The Fluconazole issue isn’t a crisis yet because too many people believe “they” will step in and save us all. Unfortunately, people that sit back and wait for ‘them’ to fix it are all too often disappointed. Me, I’m stocking up from the last known sources of relatively reasonably priced Fluconazole while I still can. I know that in a capitalist society, there is no “they” who will step in and save the day. It’s all about profits.

    1. Valley Fever used to be a death sentence for many dogs. Meds for a 40 pound dog would run around $300. Then the medication went generic and several manufacturers got in the game, driving down the price. Valley Fever wasn’t all that bad at that point, except for those dogs whose condition was so bad, no meds could help. We are back to the bad times again.

    1. Thank you! They’ll get better as work slows down in the fall. Right now the brain is literally and figuratively fried…

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