Sunday Cute Picture: Mud Puppy

This one is actually from last month but I didn’t post it.

This morning, we took The Idiots, The Idiot in Training, Franky and Gracie out to one of our haunts and found that the waterhole had not dried up from last month’s rains.  Bummer is, we didn’t take any cameras this morning.

Hopefully this picture of Slugger from last month will give some indication as to the fun had by all today.


For the record:  A month old desert water hole + 5 (Franky would NEVER allow himself to get messy) water/mud dogs = 1 VERY smelly Waggin’ Wagon.

Nothin’ says luvin’ more than taking the mutts to a place they can get messy 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sunday Cute Picture: Mud Puppy

    1. You are thinking along the wrong lines when you think “dirt”. Think body of water caused by rains a month ago, in an area that only a month prior had cows on it. No, ‘dirt’ would have been clean and smelling rosy 🙂

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