The Status of Maude

I mentioned in the last newsletter that Maude was having issues.  Maude, the Queen of Run A Muck Ranch, in distress, is simply not acceptable.

It was a pretty sleepless night on Monday as we waited for the vet’s office to open in the morning.

For me, it was due to worrying about The Curse of July.  We seem to lose our old timers in July.   Since she turned 11, and we had that ‘terrible trauma’ of having to have her anal glands expressed, the ONLY medical issue in Maude’s entire life to that point, I have dreaded July.  Here we are, Maudie is 13, and it is July again.  I sincerely thought we were going to lose her, if for no other reason than The Curse of July.

For Maude, sleep eluded her because every time she so much as twitched I was convinced it was a death throw or something else that would cause me to have to “take her in” if you know what I mean.  Poor thing, her worst nightmare was her worried Mom.  But hey, in my defense, I met Maude before her eyes opened, a wee little one.  She’ll be 14 on November 15.  I think loving her for 14 years justifies my over worry, no matter the month!

Diagnosis was pretty quick:

This is an x-ray for normal hips on a dog (pic from


This is Maude’s X-ray:



Maude has never showed any pain or discomfort, until Monday of this week.

Looking at Maude’s x-rays, the vet said Maude should have told us long ago there was a problem.  But she never did.  Yes, as she got older, Maude had to work a little harder getting up from laying down.  But in our defense, neither Crabby nor I can get up from the couch with the spring we had last month let alone years ago.   We assumed Maude’s lack of spring on the get up was just age.  Turns out, it was more.  Crabby and me, we’re just getting old.

The following video was taken on Thursday.  Please excuse the missing word in the last slide.

Just know, the walk from the Waggin’ Wagon to the giant mud puddle where we took The Idiots to play was a matter of a few hundred feet, most of it completely level.  Maudie is still being restricted on her activities to make sure she gets plenty of rest, and if not her hips, it would be the heat that would keep us from taking her on any lengthy walks anyway.

Maudie’s significant improvement in 2 days, according to the vet, is very good news as far as long-term prognosis.  We will be able to manage her, at least for now.

And so, without further adieu, may I present the newest member of the Special Needs Kids at Run A Muck Ranch: Queen Maude.


Maude will receive Meloxicam daily, and after the initial, rapid fire, repeated Adequan injections, she will continue on Adequan once a month.

The vet said, in our telephone conversation of Thursday that Maudie was an “amazing dog”.  Duh!  Crabby and I have known that all along.

Just know this:  We will not let Maude ever get to the point where she suffers.  We love her too much for that.  But for now, as we leave the Month of July and The Curse, we know we are safe for at least another year.


12 thoughts on “The Status of Maude

  1. Wow – that is great news! Maude has been on my mind all week. I’m so glad she is doing better. Good for her. 🙂

    1. She had me so scared, it being July and all… Thanks for the well wishes!

      Still in ‘discussion’ over whether the Adequan will work for Sarah. The sub-q doesn’t seem to be the question, the spinal part might be. Thank you for giving me your ear when we were wondering about Adequan. You will always be my medicinal guru!

  2. I am so glad that Maud is responding to treatment. My two probably don’t get as much exercise as do your dogs, but they are fit and healthy, sleep well and do like going out for walks in the evening. I will add Maud to my list with William, Vito and Gracie.

    1. Then you will really enjoy the update and video of Crabby giving her an Adequan injection. Friday he came up with an excuse not to be present for the injection preparation, and, because ‘he was boiling the water for the corn” he couldn’t actually give the injection. However, when he watched me give it, his whole body shuddered. Still trying.

    1. It’s unbelievable that she’s even walking! Not so much as a limp since that fateful day!

      Thanks for reminding me, BTW. It’s Tuesday, the last of her once a week shots! The ‘vacation’ over the weekend has me a little off on my days right now!

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