The Strange Coincidences of “M” Dogs at Run A Muck Ranch

I really wanted a Larry.  So what if Marcy turned out to be a girl.  Easy enough to fix, simply spell it Larri.  But no, Crabby decided Marcy was better.   What an odd name for a dog, don’t you think?  Seriously, how many Marcy dogs have you ever heard of?

I should have seen back then the evil plot being hashed out between the Crabby Man and that devious little dog when he changed her name…

A pre-existing and disturbing pattern had been discovered at Run A Muck Ranch long before Marcy was even born:

Maude came to us a wee little one, almost 14 years ago.  She was the first M dog at The Ranch.   She showed me absolutely no respect whatsoever until she got older.  Nope, despite the fact I fed her, worried over her and cared for her, I was but a mere servant in the castle of  her perfect Daddy.


Though I did eventually become accepted in Maude/Daddy world, I was never allowed in the club house.  Only Daddy has that privilege.

It is only with age that the accusatory death stares of “What have you done with my Daddy?” when Crabby went away for a weekend changed to “You better hope my Daddy comes back or you’re in BIG trouble lady!”

I have no illusions that if the house were to catch fire, and Maude could only save one of us, it would be her Daddy.  The question is, would she even miss me?

Enter Emmi (Phonetically an M), many years later.

Did it matter that I was the one who visited her constantly when she was hospitalized in the isolation ward?  Or that I visited her daily when she was in quarantine foster care?  Or that I took her to her seemingly endless vet appointments?  I’m the one who worried over her, cared for her, loved her even before she realized people were kind of useful to have around.  All this despite being exhausted from work.

When Emmi finally decided to invite people into her life, who was it she chose for her inaugural people cuddle?  The first cuddle to a human being in her life?  Crabby.

What do I get?  Sleep deprivation caused by the many sleeping poses of Emmi.  Read the following to understand my pain:




Emmi gets pretty twirly when she’s happy.  Here’s an example for you:

Yes, I can get Emmi to get pretty twirly, but her Daddy, he gets her twirly like a tornado.

Daddy is just the bestest toy everrrr!  Mom’s OK too, but not as fun as Daddy! At least in Emmi’s case, she does love me too.  Maybe it’s because she is only a phoetic M dog, and not a pure M.

Then we have Mortimer.  OK, so I did initially try to ignore him when he planted himself in the driveway, but I am the one who gave him food and water, and brought him through the magical gate into The Ranch.   Crabby claims he tried to chase him away.

I’m the one who feeds him, worries about him, treats his incessant tape worm and occasional groin rash.  I’m the one who protects  him from Vito and Willy.

What do I get in return?  Nothing.  Nada, Zilch.  Literally.  Morty can be away from home an entire weekend camping trip and when he comes home, he greets everyone…  at least everyone but me.  I don’t even get an acknowledgement until it’s dinner time, then all I get is a “Hey Mom – feed me!”.


Additionally, on more than one occasion, if I have the NERVE to actually attempt to sleep to or beyond daylight, I am (to those easily offended, you will have to forgive me, but I have no other way to describe it)  repeatedly bitch slapped by Morty until I wake up.  The first time this happened, in that split second between sleeping and waking, I really thought I was the victim of a home invasion – it was that scary.

As soon as I am fully awake from one of these attacks, Morty simply sits back,  and gives me a look that says,  “Hey, as long as you’re awake, feed me!”


This disturbing pattern of M dogs was already recognized at Morty, which is why I find Crabby’s insistence on changing Larry’s, (then Larri’s) name to Marcy to be so ‘interesting’:

Marcy has been with us coming 5 months now, only becoming a permanent resident of Run A Muck Ranch last month.  In all this time, it has been me who has worked with her, given her her space, fed her, cared for her, and all other things only a Mom can do.  Additionally, it was me who introduced her to the wonderful world of natural bodies of water, those magical places that make Marcy so very happy.

Some of you may have already seen this video, but hey, it never gets old!

How do you think I have been rewarded for my love and efforts?  When Marcy is wired, I am the object of her ambushes, but the very first time she wanted interactive, give and take play, who did she go to?  Crabby.    Emmi was with us 5 months before she did the first ever people cuddle.  Since Marcy got her sticker, she has been showing disturbing, at least to me, interest in Crabby for interaction.

The Senior "M" and the Ypungest "M".
The senior “M” and the “M” in training.

Crabby allegedly ‘gave me’ Marcy for my birthday.  She got her Jeep sticker and was therefore declared a permanent resident of Run A Muck Ranch.   In retrospect, I am starting to think perhaps just maybe this is a case of a fisherman husband giving a wife who has absolutely no interest in fishing, a really nice fishing rod.

In the case of Marcy, it appears she is well on her way to becoming a Daddy’s girl.  As a pure M dog, if the strange pattern of M’s continues, it is only a matter of time before Marcy will have no further use for me other than that of her servant.  Daddy is who really matters.

Sure, Marcy is “my” puppy…  and I have some beach front property in Phoenix to sell you.


8 thoughts on “The Strange Coincidences of “M” Dogs at Run A Muck Ranch

  1. We have s similar problem with Chienne in that herself and I wash, feed, give shelter, buy beds and houses and take for exercise every day, but the very second No.2 son (Andrew) appears on the scene, we are totally forgotten and she becomes Andrew’s Girl. The summer months are most joyful for her because when he comes, he actually takes her out for a walk, so she gets to spend all that time with “Her Andrew”. Me, yes well, I’m just the person that picks up the pieces when he goes away and fills in until he comes back again. The Man, is, of course, my dog.

    1. Was Andrew Chienne’s person before he moved out or are you suffering the ultimate insult that she was your kid all along and she just prefers him when he’s around?

      1. We don’t really know why this happened, or why Andrew is her person. The oldest son, John, was the one who looked after her and took her for walks when I was away (he still does) but we are all forgotten and ignored as soon as Andrew appears. Even Andrew is unsure why this has happened, or why Chienne has “adopted ” him as “Her Person”. Not that he is unhappy about it though :o)

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