Yes I Have Issues…. But I’m Proud of My Kids!

I know, I know, I really should get out more…  but I have too many photo ops at home…   If only I could have the right camera at the right time so I didn’t get so many washed out shots.

Willy finally has a little sister he gets to keep.  Not only has he let his guard down with Sarah, but he really likes being a big brother to Marcy.





4 thoughts on “Yes I Have Issues…. But I’m Proud of My Kids!

  1. And so you should be – proud of your kids. I feel as if I know them and I guess in some ways I do. Have you thought of a smartphone? I have a smartphone that I carry everywhere with me and it has a great camera. If you had that in your pocket you would always be ready for a good opportunity.

    1. Unfortunately, I am too stupid for a smart phone. I hear one company came up with one that can survive heat, pools and other tragic accidents that WILL occur if it is in my possession, but alas, it is not loss proof. We actually have a few cameras. It’s just a case of having the right one on hand when we need it. The kids might be giving us great action shots, so we grab the video, but once we turn it on, they go for the stationary pose, and vice versa. We have decided it’s an evil plot on their part! .

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