A Little Something for Max and Bertie’s Parents

Max (who we know as Stanley) is a former Run A Muck Ranch foster kid. We will always be available to babysit our former fosters – it’s our way to keeping tabs on them.

Max has a sister, Bertie.   Of course if Max comes to stay with us, Bertie is welcome too.

This is a video for Max and Bertie’s parents to let them know the kids are fine.  (Can’t get the thumbnail to work, so you have to click the link).


Only at Run A Muck Ranch do otherwise civilized dogs know they can walk on the wild side without repercussions 🙂


A separate note to Mike and Shawna (the parents):  Time to confess a selfish act on my part.  Remember last time we watched the Max and Bertie and all of our kids were let out to meet and greet?  Did you not find it interesting that only a few were out this time?   I didn’t want you to know that since you were last here, and our precious Arrrmando (the second ‘r’ is silent) passed away, 6 more,  Slugger, Emmi, Vito, Willy, Mortimer and Marcy moved in.  A lot can happen in a couple years…   I wanted to see Stanley so much I thought it best not to scare you with numbers.

Besides, we all know Max.  Since he’s been here, he hasn’t let any of the other kids sleep on the people bed, or on the couch, if that gives you any indication as to whose the boss while he’s here.      Nothing has changed since he left us to live with you 🙂

Forgive me?


4 thoughts on “A Little Something for Max and Bertie’s Parents

  1. Kate, too funny its all good We know our kids love it there. Glad its still familiar to them after a couple years. Shawna loves the video. As you can see Bergi. loves water.

    1. I actually know of the movie, but no, that’s not where the name came from. My boy just looked like an Armando. He got happy if we rolled our ‘r’s, so I spelled it with 3, then got witty by saying the second one was silent.

      We’ve lost kids in the past, and we will lose kids in the future. I can’t explain why, but for some reason I can’t let Arrrmando (the second ‘r’ is silent) go. It wasn’t until he passed that we realized the hold he had on us.

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