Please Keep These Heros in Your Thoughts

Yesterday was a very sad day in Arizona.  19 Members of the Prescott Granite Mountain Hot Shots died while fighting a wildfire  North West of Phoenix.   As of this writing, the fire remains 0% contained.

We are getting some crazy weather here.  The wind has been coming out of nowhere and the conditions are  so very hot and dry.  Please send thoughts of cooler temperatures, rain and calm winds so that those that are still fighting this fire can get control of it.   The need rest and time to grieve, now.

There are 19 new stars in the sky now. They’re kind of busy right now dealing with us locals, but in a few days, please go out and pay your respects.



6 thoughts on “Please Keep These Heros in Your Thoughts

  1. Our thoughts and prayers go to their families and friends. I will talk to the Session and have them put on the prayer list for this coming Sunday.

    1. If anyone needs a little extra thought, it’s the one that survived. By a fluke he was the one that went to move a truck. Had he left a few minutes later, he would have been lost too. His entire unit gone. Not many people are wondering about him. I certainly am.

      1. Oh yes, that thought had occurred to me. If anyone needs careful watching it’s him. The guilt of surviving when all his friends were killed could be overwhelming. He will need careful and very sensitive monitoring.

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