Mortimer’s Day as a Rental Dog

For reasons beyond my comprehension, Team Slugger/Mortimer were summoned as Rental Dogs for an older couple today.  This home happens to be the regular Monday/Wednesday rental home of Team Gracie/Franky, and of late Angus has been joining in.

***Disclaimer for the newbies:  “Rental Dog” is what we call it when I allow some of my dog loving but dogless landscape maintenance clients borrow some of my kids for the day.  No money changes hands!  With 12, excuse me, my bad, 13 dogs, this happens to be a way to separate a few kids from The Hoard for a day of spoiling in a lesser dog concentration. ***

Anyway, back to Morty:  It must have been a very hard day: gently playing with toys on a cool ceramic floor, napping on laps and couches, being exposed ever so briefly to the hot temperatures of outside, forced to eat treats and pupsicles,  getting brushed, and I’m sure a myriad of other ‘inhumane treatments’.

Look at the poor guy since he’s been home!  He’s absolutely exhausted!




Incidentally, the boys came back with the following comments on their A++ Report Cards:  “Angels!  So well behaved!  Such good boys! Want them back!”.

Not bad for our most misfitty of the Run A Muck Ranch misfits 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mortimer’s Day as a Rental Dog

    1. Slugger also arrived home sleeping. I think what we were dealing with here is that the kids are used to sleeping all day, then going bonkers when we get home. Gracie, Sarah, Franky and Angus know to ‘pace themselves’ at Rental Dog by assuming a cute sleeping pose which causes Rental Mom and Dad to make conditions very quiet so as not to disturb. From the sounds of it, other than a catnap just before I arrived to bring the boys home, they were awake the whole day. Oh the travesty!

    1. I happened to have a few clients that talked about how much they loved dogs, but for whatever reason they couldn’t have one, or others that had a dog, wished they could have another one for a playmate, but for whatever reason couldn’t. Seemed like a great way to give everyone what they wanted! For their part, my kids love visiting. I barely have to get out of the truck to deliver them to their “Rental Parents” – they just run to the doors. Luckily, at least for my ego, when I go to pick them up at the end of the day, they are happy to see me and ready to go home – running right to the truck.

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