How to Properly Use a Gift Certificate


15 thoughts on “How to Properly Use a Gift Certificate

  1. I bought a Bubble Gun and during the warmer months I use that to play outside with the dogs and they jump and chase the bubbles. Some pop on the nose. It’s better if there is a slight breeze so they have to chase the bubbles.

    1. We tried bubbles with DASH! and Slugger, but they weren’t impressed. We were actually kind of surprised, thinking they would have a blast.

  2. I’ve just seen on our news that there is a serious heatwave coming your way. You look after each other and the kids. Thinking about you all….

    1. No Dear, it’s here! Yesterday, despite the AC going full blast, it got up to 88 degrees inside the house. Same thing happened today. That electric bill is going to be NASTY!

      All that being said, me working outside in the heat – OK, but the temperatures in the house getting above 82 degrees for the kids, according to Crabby, it’s a travesty!

      Heat wave breaks tomorrow, we will be down to 112!

  3. This started my day with a huge smile 🙂 The red dot chasing is hilarious! I played the video with Bertie asleep on my knee, and the squeaky toys woke him up and he went nuts looking for the source of the noise lol! He just kept staring at my laptop with his head cocked on one side and couldn’t work it out at all! x

  4. Daahhhwww… that was so cute! Love Maude- I bet she has quite the time keeping the young whipper-snappers in line.

    1. Chuckle… somewhere between Emmi/Slugger and Vito Maude quit. We have been on our own since. Thing is, we can’t control The Hoard nearly as well as Maude could.

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