Babysitter Needed at Run A Muck Ranch – Seriously

Yup, with what we have at The Ranch, we have to plan this far ahead….

Crabby and Crazy are going to do the unthinkable:  They are going to leave The Ranch for a weekend.  Crazy will be ripped away from her children for 2 days.

The dates are: leave early in the day Friday, August 23, return Sunday August 25 late morning or early afternoon.

Worst case scenario, there will be 13 dogs and 2 horses at The Ranch.  A Rental Dog family has already offered to take a few kids for the weekend and Crazy will need at least 1 kid with her to keep her sane.  So, it is unknown exactly how many, or which kids, will need entertaining.   If a babysitter is bringing a dog to The Ranch, it would be best to do a couple of meet and greets first.


This is a sleep over babysitting gig, and babysitter will have to be ready to park it on the couch (or take shelter under the bed) by 4pm Friday and Saturday and not leave until the next morning.  Though breakfast time is negotiable, if the kids are not fed dinner precisely at 4pm, they start death throws from starvation.

Fear not!  No one is expected to dish out the bowls at feed times like Crazy does.  The kids will just eat kibble for a few days.  That being said, 6, including Charlie the horse, require meds, and the kids WILL have to be separated into their respective rooms, in the proper order when eating lest they reign terror on the babysitter for the forseeable future.

Charlie is the longest committed relationship with a man Crazy has ever had - 19 years!




















Preference for potential babysitters will go to

1.  Professional shepherds and herders of fast-moving livestock;

2. Teachers of classrooms full of ADD children between the ages of 3 and 5.

3. People with quick eye/hand/foot coordination with the ability to move through fast, slow and stationary obstacles without effort.

4.  Anyone with the patience of Ghandi.



Since Crabby and Crazy will be completely out of cell phone range for the weekend, Crazy, paranoid mom that she is will also be looking for a  “Stop Over” person.    The purpose of the Stop Over person is to be a safety net in case the babysitter gets hit by a truck or, after spending a couple of hours with the kids, runs screaming from the building.  Being the emergency contact for the babysitter and a couple of Stop Overs during the weekend should be all that is required, unless any of the aforesaid disasters occur with the babysitter, in which case, the Stop Over person becomes the babysitter.

Any potential babysitter, or stop over-er will have to understand ahead of time that Crazy is completely neurotic when it comes to the Kids of Run A Muck Ranch.  Breathe in, breathe out, and remember, Crazy will be leaving with Crabby, so you won’t have to deal with her for long!

Obviously, this call for help is for locals only!

Please send recommendations or notifications of interest to or call 602-920-5866.

And no, we do not expect anyone to do this for free!

18 thoughts on “Babysitter Needed at Run A Muck Ranch – Seriously

    1. Whether or not we can even go depends on finding a sitter. The last time we went away was I think 3 years ago, and it was a 1 night thing for a wedding. Before that, it was either late 1990’s or early 2000’s, I can’t remember! One was for a funeral, the other was a weekend up north. for the weekend up north, we slept the whole time…

  1. I feel that way going out and leaving the one baby I have left! We had five dogs at one time but old age and sickness has weaned the herd down to one codependent crazy Chihuahua. We go out separately when ever possible so she won’t be alone too much. You have my respect and my sympathy!!!! You are blessed and so are your babies. LOL

  2. Hahahah, your laundry room door almost looks as bad as mine! We have 14, so I will refer this to my very experienced (Pet Smart grooming salon employee for over a year, too) 19 yo daughter.

  3. I understand your whole post! The “stop over” person is absolutely necessary! I will refrain from sharing all my bad pet sitter stories. BUT it can and does work out – so have faith and be confident. Life without travel is boring – I have stayed home for pets and I worry like crazy, but when you can you just have to have faith and go!

  4. I would love to do it. But I’m in France. I’m having sheep, am a nurse and my dogs like to meet other dogs. Would be perfect. If we ever move to the US…

  5. I too wish I lived closer so I could help – I’m in So. California. I help my neighbor with his 7 dogs when he’s working out of town. Plus I’m a caretaker on a ranch with horses & cattle (we used to have piggies & chickens too) Got some dogs & kitties here as well- two of which need daily meds. I had kidney failure kitties that I had to give IV fluids to every other day. That kept ’em going for 4+ more years til they were 15-16 yrs old. : ) I’ve pet-sitted for cats, dogs, pot bellied pigs, donkeys, goats, chickens & 15+ exotic birds. Oh yeah… that’s on top of my regular job. The one that pays the bills. Lol! I SO know what you mean about not taking a vacation due to the needs of your furry children. It’s been 8 years since I had a long weekend out of town. Almost 12 years since I had a true vacation. Not to go on & on about me… just commiserating with you on your situation. I so understand and wish I could help. Keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out and goes smoothly as well. Take care.

  6. HI, I’m a friend of Kim Sasso and she told me you are looking for a baby sister for your doggie kids and horses. We have 8 dogs of our own and foster 7 right now. 6 horses and 3 cats 2 goats and a bird. My daughter has lived with this crazy life, she is 18 years old and would like to talk to you to see if she could help. I work at FAR and she has volunteer for them for almost 4 years. Her name is Tamra her number is #480-650-9016. Thanks, Gwen

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