The Sweetheart of Run A Muck Ranch

When our Otis was alive, he was a little dog magnet.  What the closed-minded saw as a dangerous, unpredictable pit bull, the little ones saw as a heat source to snuggle up to in winter, a soft pillow any time, and a kind and gentle buddy who had the patience of a saint.   We loved Otis on earth for 13 years, and everyone missed him when he passed away.

Enter Sarah, another pit bull.   She came to us an adult with an unknown history.   She is exactly like Otis, absolutely adored by the little ones, and she adores them back.   Though Sarah is primarily Hector’s sweetheart, she likes to spread herself around.




There will come a time when Run A Muck Ranch has a more rational number of fur kids, though none of our current kids are allowed to be lost or pass away, so I don’t know when that will ever be.  But one thing is for sure, there will always be a pit bull to keep our couch, our little ones and our hearts warm.


7 thoughts on “The Sweetheart of Run A Muck Ranch

  1. Never had any dealings or even met a Pit Bull and although what I hear is always bad press, I believe that there is no such things as a “bad dog breed” only careless owners who have neither time nor patience to look after them and train them. I think the problem- at least in parts of Australia- is that people (males) want a Pit Bull as a Status Symbol, to be tough and aggressive. Just my view. Sarah looks lovely, but all dogs are if you treat them right.

  2. My pit bull Zella also loves the little guys–for the first few years, before Grimm and Rufus came along, her best bud was a pug named Maeby. They were a funny duo! Alas, Maeby moved to Portland, so the friendship waned, but she still has a soft spot for the little guys.

    There will always be a pit bull in my house, too (or two or three). Love the pics of your kiddos!

    1. Sarah’s no different. Emmi and Slugger are different only because Slugger is dumber than dryer lint, and Emmi is just a funny girl. NEVER NEVER NEVER pay attention to what the news says about Pitbulls. They look for an excuse to put pits in the news in a negative light. Pay attention to people who live with them for the truth.

      Incidentally, did you know the top breed of dog biters is doxies? It’s true, look it up. Your Harley is more likely to bite someone than my Sarah, Emmi and Slugger combined. .

    1. We have 1 pure pitty and 2 pitty mixes. We represent at 23% pit or pit mix, 23% Chi mix, and 54% ‘other’.

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