Father’s Day at Run A Muck Ranch

Do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to find 12, possibly 13 “To Dad from Dog” Father’s Day Cards?  I started looking last week, but pretty much all “To Dad from Dog” cards were sold out.   There were plenty of “To Dad from Cat” cards left, but I digress…

Luckily, for my purposes, Hallmark is getting ahead of the curve with respect to fur kid card giving occasions:  Look what I found in a Walgreens:  “To Dad from Multiple Pets”


OK, so there are a couple of cats on the card, but Kudos to Hallmark for noticing the increasing number of Crazy Dog and Cat People!

Mortimer gave his own card to Crabby with a subscription to Arizona Highways Magazine.  There was a note that the magazine could help Crabby find lots of new places to explore, and that if he needed an exploring buddy, Mortimer would volunteer his services.

Due to the recent issues with Vito, and Crabby’s reaction to them, Vito also gave Crabby and individual card thanking him for his concern during Vito’s times of need.  He also gave Crabby a giant squishy stress ball to help him (Crabby that is) get through Vito’s seizures when they occur.



The Dogs of Run A Muck Ranch would like to thank Crabby for being the bestest Dad ever!


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