Very Humbled, and a Vito Update

Wow!  The outpouring in my inbox and comments has been, well, Wow!

Thank you all for your concern and well wishes for our Big Guy!


Just a quicky update:

Vito had another seizure last night.  Crabby had fallen asleep on the couch watching TV, and when he woke up, Vito was in the final stages.    I found Crabby sleeping on the couch, with a dog bed pulled over next to him, for Vito.  If not for the worry of another seizure and Vito falling, he could have been on the couch next to his Dad.

Vito’s initial blood results didn’t come in until the end of the day, and it is looking like we may have Valley Fever Dog #5 at Run A Muck Ranch.  One of the white blood cell counts was off the charts.  I asked immediately if we could be looking at cancer but was told these particular cells would indicate fungal infection (Valley Fever) or parasites.


If it is Valley Fever, we know the drill.  If not, then we look for parasites.

Until we know something for sure, however, we can’t put Vito on anti-seizure medication.

Here’s the thing:  Both witnessed seizures resulted in a very messy Vito.  Neither Crabby nor I can remember a time when Vito was,  “messy” without a known cause.  So we are *hoping* the seizures just started.  But, both seizures we witnessed occurred late at night, after bedtime.  How do we monitor Vito for another one?

Crabby’s solution is that he will stay up with Vito.  If he has a seizure, Crabby will clean him up, and then go to bed.  He doesn’t want Vito to be alone though it.   What if Vito doesn’t have a seizure?  Will Crabby stay up the whole night?  This plan is fine for the weekend, but what if the seizures are unrelated to the blood results?

Truthfully, Crabby’s idea is about as irrational as some of mine.  If Vito’s seizures become a permanent event at Run A Muck Ranch, we will have to learn to live with them, and around them.   Anti-seizure medications don’t stop seizures, they just reduce the frequency.

But… Crabby’s concern about Vito, a once and former insignificant little trash dog,  does remind me I picked the right guy, no matter how crabby he gets 🙂

24 thoughts on “Very Humbled, and a Vito Update

  1. praying for Vito 🙂 I hope the vet can get him fixed up soon! perhaps he can prescribe valium for everyone including you and crabby man!

  2. Seizures can sure be tricky–you never know what may trigger them, they can spontaneously disappear as quickly as they started, and they can be precipitated by another disease process. I sure hope you guys get some answers in regards to his labs and his condition. He’s a lucky woofer to have such a devoted pair of guardians! Little Vito is definitely in my thoughts!

    1. And of course if there is no cause determined, it will be ‘epilepsy’. Been 2 days seizure free. Will get the final blood work tomorrow hopefully. Then again, hopefully the seizures were just a fluke. And then yet again, with the elevated whites (non-cancer) indicating fungal infection or parasites, we may have found something else we didn’t know about. If it turns out to be Valley Fever, I think Run A Muck Ranch deserves the payout afforded record holders in The Guiness Book of World Records as don’t think anyone else in the world has 5 simultaneous Valley Fever Dogs!

    1. He doesn’t make a lot of noise when he’s seizing. Also, some of the kids, including Vito, talk in their sleep when they are chasing wild creatures.

  3. Vito is one lucky dog to have CDL and CM for parents. Sure hope treatment for valley fever brings the seizures under control!

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