A New Ailment Strikes Run A Muck Ranch

Last night, after I went to bed, I was awaken by the sound of some of the kids whining.  The “on the bed kids” were staring at Vito, who was at my feet,  and Vito was looking out the door into the living room.  Suddenly, he fell over.  What followed was pretty terrifying.   To give you an idea, watch the following video (not of Vito):

You want to feel totally helpless???  Have this happen to your kid.

I immediately took Vito into the kitchen, under the lights, and yelled to Crabby who was in the office.  My intention was to bring Crabby on scene so I could exercise my God Given Right as Vito’s Mom to freak out emotionally over what was transpiring.  Unfortunately, once Crabby saw what was happening, he beat me to it, forcing me to be the level-headed one in the ordeal.

Of course we did everything wrong:  I restrained Vito so he couldn’t hurt himself, Crabby inserted a Sharpie in his mouth so he wouldn’t bite through his tongue,  and we both made useless gestures and comments because there was nothing else we could do.  After what seemed like hours, but was only about a minute, Vito snapped out of it and, other than being restless, was perfectly fine.

Huge dogs require huge beds!
Huge dogs require huge beds!

Needless to say, both Crabby and I have been taking a crash course in dog seizures, and Vito was at the vet today getting gobs of blood drawn.  We’ll know in a few days if the problem is (was) systemic or something else.

For his part, Crabby is somewhat soothed learning Vito was completely unaware the seizure was happening.  Watching it, and believing Vito felt every second, was enough to break even the strongest man down.

Vito and DASH! showing the hate.
Vito and DASH! showing the hate.

For my part, despite what the experts say, I WILL as Vito’s mom, try to comfort him if it happens again.  He may not notice, but it will make me feel better.  Rather than try to hold him and sooth him however, I will instead follow his twitching around the room while stroking and talking to him.

We don’t know if this was the first seizure Vito has ever had, or just the first one we have seen.  A 1 minute episode in the bedroom while we are watching TV in the living room, or working in the office is not out of the question, especially after witnessing how fast Vito shook it off.    Within seconds of the episode he was wondering what had me and Crabby so upset.  We don’t know if this was an isolated incident, an ongoing problem we were only just made aware of, or the start of a brand new chronic medical condition at Run A Muck Ranch.


Vito is Vito again, as if nothing ever happened.

If something turns up in the blood work, we treat it.  If nothing shows up, his condition, if he seizes again, will fall under the generic term “epilepsy”.  Worst case scenario, if he is ‘epileptic’,  and his seizures get to the point they occur twice a month, he will be put on phenobarbital or some other anti-seizure medication.

No biggie, he will still be our Vito, just a twitchy one.

16 thoughts on “A New Ailment Strikes Run A Muck Ranch

  1. Yes, that was definitely a seizure. No need to insert something into his mouth – that isn’t necessary and not done anymore. It is frightening to watch. Our Poco has had one.. Hopefully this will not happen again as the medicine affects their liver in a negative way I am told. Poco’s last seizure was 2007 and nothing since. My research has told me as he is coming out of the seizure to sit there and reassure. That will bring them out sooner. I don’t know if this is scientific, but I think it helps from what I’ve read.

    1. We have been schooled in the last 24 hours. If it, though hopefully it won’t, happens again, we just make sure he can’t bang into anything, stand back and let it run it’s course.

  2. oh my goodness. how’s vito now? what did the vet say? sorry for these questions. watching the video was scary and i’m sure you guys felt double! i really hope he’s okay now. be well and take care vito!

    1. Hopefully enough people see that video so that if they are ever in the same situation, they will be better prepared for what they will see than we are! Will be posting a short update here shortly.

  3. I learned at the rescue to put ice backs on their lower spine and hold it in place to reduce the length of the seizure. We keep those flat ones on hand in the freezer all the time. When they come out of it, we give them a small bit of ice cream (not too much) which helps (if I remember correctly) in slowly bringing the blood sugar level back. Check with your vet, of course.

    1. I asked the vet when she called tonite if there was anything we could do, even if it was useless and just to make us feel better, during or after the seizure. She recommended alcohol consumption 🙂 I asked about the ice pack and she hadn’t heard of it. Said we could try it if we wanted to and let her know. Without knowing the cause of the seizures yet, we shouldn’t offer anything but water.

  4. Gosh that must have been terrifying to see 😦 My last dog (a Labrador) had epilepsy. Didn’t start until he was about 3. His first seizure was just him wobbling around banging his head into the walls and foaming at the mouth – we thought he had Rabies! Turned out to be epilepsy. There was no medication in those days, but despite his seizures he lived until was 15! We just used to sit with him and talk calmly to him and stroke him gently until he came out of it. I do hope it’s a one off for Vito though and won’t ever happen again. Woofs and licks from Bertie x

    1. If Vito turns out to be permanently twitchy, we can deal with it. We are already coming up with all sorts of cover stories for him to show that the episodes aren’t really signs of weakness, but signs of strength.. i.e. what is a few minutes here is a few days in an alternate reality. When he goes into a seizure here he wakes up in the other reality as a Super Hero saving the day.

    1. Crabby fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up to the end of yet another seizure. Just gonna have to get used to it…

  5. I had a dog named Bud and he had seizures, also my brother has a seizure disorder. He has one about every three months. They are very scary to watch, but usually not dangerous. The most important part is making sure they don’t hurt themselves by falling or hitting things nearby. Sometimes seizures are a sign of a major medical problem, but sometimes there is nothing drastically wrong. The doctors have tested my brother for everything and found nothing wrong with him.

    I hope your little baby is alright and everything works out.

    1. As I’m sure you have found with your brother, if they can’t identify it, they call it ‘epilepsy’. In Vito’s case, we may have found a systemic cause. Waiting for the final results…

  6. Poor little guy! I used to have a sweet little Pomeranian years ago, and she occasionally had seizures for no reason too. They are so scary, and there nothing quite as bad as feeling completely helpless. I hope that all his blood work comes back okay, and there aren’t anymore episodes.

    1. Actually, if the blood work comes back with a cause, we can treat it. If it came back normal, it would be called epilepsy. Something did show up in the blood, however…

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