De-Sponging Angus

Thing about Angus is, he *loves* water.  Once we start filling the play pool, he just sits in it and watches the world go by. 

Here’s the problem:  As he is sitting in the pool, Angus is soaking up the water like a sponge.  When it’s time to go inside, he brings the pool with him, or at least the water part.  It never occurs to him to shake a little.  Nope, he goes in dripping, leaving Angus puddles all over the house. 

It isn’t like ‘a’ towel helps either.  It has to be several towels, and even then, Angus never completely dries out before he has to go out again and b-lines it to the pool. 

The danger in this, more particularly the lack of drying out, is fungal infections on his skin.  Our options are as follows:

1.  Remove the play pool, that which is loved by The Idiots, Gracie and Angus, thereby causing anguish at Run A Muck Ranch;


2.  De-sponge Angus. 

In the interest of keeping happiness in the kingdom, we de-sponged Angus.

Corgis are not very attractive when shaved.
Corgis are not very attractive when shaved.


Is it me or does Angus have a tiny head?
Is it me or does Angus have a tiny head?

Shaving Angus saves his skin, and our towels.  But shaving Angus has also just taken away one of his most important temperature regulators:  His undercoat.  Because of this, we have to watch him closely when he is outside as he could overheat pretty fast.  Lucky for us, during the hot months, most of his outside time is spent lounging in the play pool anyway. 


4 thoughts on “De-Sponging Angus

  1. You’ve been very busy with the clippers, anybody else been shaved? (I have just come here after reading the post about William, just thought I would drop that in or else the comment makes no sense!)

    1. Just Angus because he lives in the play pool (potential for skin fungus under his thick coat) and Willy (freakishly large amount of shed). I hate shaving since the undercoat not only warms, but helps keep them cool. But it was necessity for these 2.

  2. Our corgi has a skin condition and it required his body to be shaved so that we could apply medications to clear it up. I want him to be healthy but I read online that he might not ever regrow his beautiful coat back and now I’m worried.
    How long does it take your corgi’s fur to grow back?

    1. We usually ‘desponge’ Angus twice a summer, May and July. Truthfully, last week is a blur, so I don’t remember how much coat had grown back between cuts in pervious YEARS :).

      We only did it once this year (May) and Angus has been back in his full fluffy coat for some time.

      Honestly, I can’t tell you how long it took for his coat to grow back fully, but I never noticed a difference between his pre-1st desponging coat and the coats that grew back since.

      I will say this: I would imagine the speed of growth and quality of coat is inversely proportional to the speed and quality you want! With Angus, it was a health thing, and we really didn’t care how he looked. But I know someone who was very particular about her corgi and when he had to get shaved for a medical reason, the portion shaved never came back the same. The person remains mortified to this day.

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