Crabby calls Marcy Emmi’s toy.  The two (Emmi and Marcy, not Crabby and Marcy) have become BFF’s.

Please excuse Emmi’s forlorn facial expression.  It was WAY too early in the morning for her.

Marcy on the other hand, is ready to party at 4:00 a.m.  Goody for us!

Yup, Marcy is STILL here.  There has been absolutely no interest in her.

My birthday is next month.  If I ask Crabby for a puppy, he will say no.  He always says no.  He won’t let me have any pets.

But…  Emmi’s Re-Birthday is in August.  Perhaps if Marcy is still here, and Emmi asks with her sad eyes, Crabby might let HER have a puppy….



10 thoughts on “BFF’S

    1. Especially when the puppy is already here… I don’t think he will let me keep her, but he has issues saying no to Emmi…

    1. You may hath misunderstood. By “a puppy” that meant Marcy stays. Truthfully, I don’t think we’re going to have a choice in the matter…

      The sooner I get out and working, the sooner I can get home and in a shower. In the summer, it is crack of sunrise at the first job so I’m not out in It at 112, at least for very long.

  1. Looks like Emmi can think all she wants that her comfort should be your first priority… 😛 She’s pulling such a long grandmother face! 😀

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