We’re NOT Cuddling!

Vito is not, and has never been, a cuddler.   However, he’s OK with close proximity.

Sometimes he will drape himself ‘over’ a lap, but that isn’t cuddling.  It is simply a case where  the lap is covering the spot Vito want to lay down on.  Ergo, being in the lap is only a means to an ends, i.e. laying at least in the proximity of his chosen spot.  It’s NOT cuddling, that’s the story, and everyone is expected to stick to it.

Last night I was stretched out on the dogs beds with some of the other kids when Vito decided he wanted “proximity”.  Note I am VERY careful to avoid touching him.




I’m so glad the Big Guy is back!


2 thoughts on “We’re NOT Cuddling!

    1. Or in the case of Morty and Slugger – where they want to run. It never ends well if I’m not properly braced…

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