The Pharoah Collar and the Ninja Suit

Poor Vito.  He can’t catch a break.   The healing process is driving him nuts with the itching.  But all the chewing and scratching (he can reach with his BACK feet) is irritating his incision. 2 days ago, he had a fever of 103 from an infection at the suture site.

This is how the big guy has to spend his days and nights.






You have to keep in mind Vito would NEVER be caught wearing cutsie clothes people put on small dogs, so:

We tell him the Pharaohs of the days of old wore similar collars.   Only the Ruler of the Kingdom is allowed to wear it.

We call his black ‘garment’ his Ninja Suit.    Only the strongest and most fierce are worthy of donning it.

We’re not so sure Vito is buying our cover stories of his protective garb, but it makes us feel better telling them.  Seeing Vito unable to do his self-imposed duties, knowing he feels bad, and knowing nothing but time can make him feel better, leaves us feeling so helpless.

I just want my big guy to get back to his fearless, wolfy self.

I highly recommend the inflatable collars as an alternative to the traditional e-collar.  Vito is much more comfortable with the inflatable.

The Ninja Suit is made from the lower leg of a pair of my sweat pants.  It is a little clingy, which prevents Vito from getting his back feet under it,  and goes all the way to the back legs.   When we take him outside, the Ninja Suit is folded forward over his back so Vito can pee.  Unfortunately, every time we do that, he starts digging at his incision with his back paws…

As of today, we got the all clear as far as any internal problems related to the surgery.  Now we just have to battle infections at the incision site as we try to convince Vito to leave it alone.


11 thoughts on “The Pharoah Collar and the Ninja Suit

  1. Never saw an inflatable collar before but looks similar to that inflatable thing I put around my own neck when I had to take long distance overnight flights!

    1. HIGHLY recommended! Where the kids look miserable in an e-collar, Vito took to the inflatable one without protest. We will be stocking up on all sizes just in case…

  2. He doesn’t look like he buys the Pharaoh story one bit…but he’ll be better for his blowup toilet seat neck wear in no time. 🙂

    1. Shhh! we saw the toilet seat or hemorrhoid pillow connection too. Just don’t want Vito to know!

    1. He is doing significantly better today. Starting to be Vito again. He accepts your fist bump 🙂

  3. After all I think the inflatable collar looks much better than a cone … and in medieval times such a collar was only allowed for mayors, senators and professors… Maybe you can call him Professor Vito now?

    1. No, Vito isn’t ‘wise’ as professor would be, more like ‘wise’ guy like a gangster. Though you bring up a good era: It could be a collar of a Muskateer – Vito would be OK with that.

    1. If he would let us dress him up for Halloween, he, Hector and Franky, the 3 that attacked the coyote, would be the perfect muskateers!

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