Vito Update

For those new followers who haven’t read through the posts in the 2 page category of the Cast of Run A Muck Ranch

This is Vito:


After 4 hours of waiting, we have finally been updated:

Vito had an obstruction.  The vet can’t identify the material removed (from 3 sections in his intestines, incidentally) so she is saving it so we can hopefully figure out what it is and eliminate the source.

Additionally, 150 ml of backed up fluids were removed from his stomach.  That doesn’t seem like much, but considering Vito’s actual (as opposed to self perceived) size, it’s a significantly large amount and caused a lot of pain.

There were no complications and Vito is now recovering.

Now comes the hard part:

When DASH! went through something similar a few years back, our main concern was keeping him quiet so he could heal. True to his name, DASH! likes to dash.  However, DASH! doesn’t tolerate discomfort in any form, so his recovery went smoother than expected.  To this day, a simple case of gas produces dramatics that would cause an uninformed onlooker to believe he was suffering severe pain, and near death.  Suffice it to say, DASH! did not attempt to dash again until he was sure he could, without pain.

Vito is already proving to be a different story.  This very morning, he attempted to run with the other kids at wake up potty break.   Also, he barely flinched during his exam, despite the painful build up of fluids and the torsion in his stomach.

As pack leader and protector of Run A Muck Ranch, Vito is more Marine than mortal, refusing to show any weakness.    Where DASH! will do nothing to cause himself discomfort, Vito, given how he acted shortly before hospital admission and life saving emergency surgery, will attempt to resume his duties immediately upon his return home.    Convincing him that the Ranch will survive without his services, even temporarily, will be difficult.

To give you an accurate idea of what we’re dealing with, Vito IS the Black Night in the following video:

So soon out of surgery, I am keeping away, however, starting at 5pm,  I have already warned the staff at the ER that I will be appearing, every 3 hours on the hour, to visit with Vito until I can bring him home, and yes, that includes through the night.

Thank you for all the positive thoughts sent Vito’s way.  It looks like our Big Guy is going to pull through.




23 thoughts on “Vito Update

    1. Moderate sigh of relief on our parts, but it won’t be a heavy sigh until he comes home tomorrow.

    1. I take it you didn’t read the response to your comment on the other blog entry questioning the possibility of an inheritance???

    1. Yup, have the blockage material in my possession. It is 1 part Marcy tried to kill Vito and 1 part I will NEVER feed commercial canned food to any of my kids again! The part of the Goony Bird and the grasses that were found within the mat would have passed through had they not been blocked by the 2 primary culprits. There will be a special News Bulletin Vito Edition to explain it all.

      1. Last I heard they were running DNA tests on the material. One or more mountain lions were possibilities, as we bears, moose, a yetti and a chupacabra.

    1. We are dealing with the Run A Muck Ranch dogs here… there is no such thing as an ‘uneventful’ recovery. Details will follow when he is back to health…

    1. Still trying to lead and protect even though we are still in the danger zone. Getting better every day.

      1. Put it this way: Any of the other kids, when they feel bad, they want me to comfort them. Vito is not the cuddly type. He just wants to be left alone. However, he is now laying with his head on my foot. Since tomorrow is tough for either me or Crabby to make it home early, Vito will be staying at the vet. It may be overkill, but I can’t be too careful with my kids.

      2. I completely understand! I would do the exact same thing. When my boy gets cuddly I know he reeeeally isn’t feel well too. I’m hoping and praying Vito makes a speedy and full recovery!

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