Healing thoughts desperately needed for Vito

On Wednesday night, Vito started acting strange.  The diarrhea and vomiting  started Thursday.  He also stopped eating.  On Friday he was at the vet. Because his vitals were fine, and he showed no obvious discomfort, it was assumed he caught a bug.  He looked better yesterday, but then he was worse this morning.

Vito’s stomach is compartmentalized and there is torsion.  There may or may not be a blockage at the beginning of his small intestine.  Torsion is rare in a small dog.  It can be fatal in large dogs.

Vito is undergoing surgery right now to see if it can be fixed.

Please, I need your healing thoughts sent his way.

Please, Vito, you have to be Ok.  Who will protect us if you leave?


The update to this post may be seen at https://ranchrunamuck.wordpress.com/2013/05/05/vito-update/


19 thoughts on “Healing thoughts desperately needed for Vito

  1. I’m not going to call you right now because i know that you are occupied with major concerns. Please know that your Mom and I are thinking of you and hope for the best – Harley too!

    1. He’s out of danger now. Update has been posted. Question for you: Are you and Mom REALLY going to spend it all rather than leave an inheritance? Just asking for future planning…

      1. Just planning for what street corner we will place our retirement refrigerator box on. Hoping it will be in an area where there aren’t any stray dogs to eat it from around us 🙂

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