A Tribute to Twitch

Sweet William was not supposed to be our kid.  Twitch already was.

Twitch in the Middle East.
Twitch in the Middle East.

I can’t remember her original name.  She was described to us as a 4 year old girl, with a facial twitch, caused by some old injury.  Once Crabby heard about the twitch, she became Twitch.


When I first saw her picture, it was like lightning striking.  Twitch was always my kid.  It’s hard to explain. It was like she’d always been here, but was simply somewhere else for the time being.

I wanted so badly to bring her back home.


I’m not really clear on when she died, or even how, but she never made it home where she belonged.  Not ‘a’ home, just home, to the one home that had been hers even before we knew about her.


We never ‘pick a dog’ based on pictures.  With the exception of  Emmi and Slugger,  we never saw the other kids until we first met.

But when Twitch’s picture was presented to me, and I think it was as a joke, I had to do everything I could to bring her home.   That I failed her still hurts.

I want to make something very clear here:  Willy was never a replacement for Twitch.   Twitch always belonged, and therefore, there was room for her to come home.  When she couldn’t come, the room still remained.

It’s kind of the same situation that caused us to keep Gracie when at the time we were trying to get a Grandpuppy from Angus.  There was no Grandpuppy,  but Gracie needed a home.  Twitch passed away, but there were others needing what we had to offer her.   And so Willy was chosen for us to come to a new life.

Twitch could never be replaced, and she will never be forgotten.


8 thoughts on “A Tribute to Twitch

  1. A beautiful tribute for such a beautiful girl. This must not have been an easy one to write, but thank you so much for sharing her with us. I am so sorry she never made it home to you, but always know in your heart that across all those miles, she felt your love.

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