Run A Muck Ranch New Bulletin – 5/01/13

Run A Munchies Supports Soldier’s Animal Companion Fund

For the Month of May, $2 from every package of Run A Munchies sold will be donated to Soldiers Animal Companion Fund (SACFUND).  Additionally, if Run A Munchies gains 100 additional likes on Facebook, Run A Muck Ranch will donate $100 to SACFUND.

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Learn more about how SACFUND helps the soldiers that sacrificed for their country at

Like them on Facebook at!/pages/Soldiers-Animal-Companions-Fund-SAC-Fund/119621428118106?fref=ts

Earn SACFUND an additional $100 donation by liking Run A Munchies of Facebook at!/pages/Run-A-Munchies-Homemade-Dog-Treats/352692054835605?fref=ts

All orders shipped UPS.  Please see!/notes/run-a-munchies-homemade-dog-treats/run-a-munchies-home-made-dog-treats-offerings/353310404773770 for flavors and pricing.  Please e-mail orders to

The Crabby Man Caught Liking the Run A Muck Ranch Dogs

From his rough exterior, one would assume Crabby is not pleased to be living amidst such a high dog population.

However, his behavior at the Paws Around The Fountain Adoptathon in April says different:

Run A Munchies had a vendor booth at the event, and Crazy had enlisted the assistance of friends to handle Vito and Slugger, the Run A Muck Ranch K9 representation, for their rest and potty breaks, while Crazy and Crabby were manning the Run A Munchies booth.


A misunderstanding occurred when one such helper was taking Slugger away.  Crabby stated forcefully at Crazy’s general person, “You’re not giving our kids away!”.

Though the statement was not in writing and notarized, nor was it recorded, it was witnessed by a credible person who can dispute any denial Crabby may claim in Court.

Later that day, when Vito was working the crowd (and filling his stomach) from a top the Run A Munchies table, a woman started circling him like a shark.   To say she wanted him badly was an understatement.  She asked several times if Vito was available for adoption and each time the answer was no.  Still, she persisted, returning again and again to the Run A Munchies booth, her eyes glued to Run A Muck Ranch’s top salesman of the day (Vito).

Despite a 100% opportunity to reduce the number of Run A Muck Ranch kids by 1 simply by looking in the other direction, Crabby instead positioned himself closer to Vito lest Vito find himself stuffed in a purse and whisked away.

I am reminded of another Crabby Man, much older, and the ‘problem’ is cats.

Just goes to show, you can’t judge a Crabby Man by his words.

Remnant Roots of Teeth Appear To Have Been William’s Kryptonite

With the removal of 2 sets of roots, the apparent relics of 3rd world veterinary care, Sweet William is barely recognizable from the dog he used to be.

He is flirty to the point of putting Angus to shame, regularly playful with the other dogs, and downright cuddly.

So much has his physical activity increased, his food ration has been doubled to make up for his sudden weight loss.

Unfortunately, the New and Improved William does come with a downfall:

The removal of the roots has given him the Super K9 ability to levitate, more particularly, over the arena fence.  This, the same arena fence that was secured to prevent William from chasing the horses.

“One second he was standing outside the fence,  barking at the horses, the next, ‘poof!’, he was inside the arena chasing them.  He didn’t even need a running start!” said The Crazy Dog Lady.  “Scolding and a remote collar didn’t work.  We thought for sure securing the gaps between the rails of the fence would.  We don’t know what to do now.”

When asked for comment, all William had to say was “Woo Roo Roo!”.

Crabby Man In Dog House Until Further Notice

While on a recent Hunting and Gathering trip to the local grocery store, Crabby and Crazy noticed the usual blood pressure booth had been replaced by a more advanced machine that measured so much more, including Body Mass Index.

When Crabby took his turn, Crazy objected to the weight measurement reading stating there was no way Crabby could weigh so much, unless of course it was due to his rippling muscles.

When a lady is checking her weight,  a gentleman moves out of range so as not to see the results, and it appeared Crabby was going the honorable thing.  However, when an obviously in error weight of 96 pounds prominently appeared on the screen for Crazy, from an aisle over, Crabby stated loudly, “That can’t be right!  You cheated!”, and he proceeded stomp over and reset the test so it could be done again.

I think we can all agree it is not necessary at this point to explain why Crabby is in the dog house until further notice.


When asked if Crabby will be receiving the silent treatment for his transgression, Crazy stated; “Heck No!  I intend to talk until his ears bleed!”

Sarah Suffers Near Death Experience At The Hands Of The Crazy Dog Lady

In an innocent attempt to make yet more wonderful yummies for the Run A Muck Ranch Dogs, Crazy set out to create the perfect Pupsicle.

With great care and love, Crazy made the cooling treats and was most anxious to see how the kids liked them.  When they were fully frozen, Crazy wasted no time taking the first test group to the back yard to try them.

While the other kids, Gracie, Hector, Willy and Maude, with great glee and enthusiasm, slobbered and enjoyed their treats, Sarah decided to attempt to swallow her’s whole, causing it to become lodged in her throat, obstructing her airway.


Fortunately,  Crazy’s prior training in, albeit, human life saving, kicked in.  She stood Sarah up on her back legs and commenced the Heimlich Maneuver.

The previously lodged Pupsicle became a projectile object by the 3rd thrust of Crazy’s hands below Sarah’s sternum.

Recognizing just how close she came to death, Sarah chose to celebrate her survival by immediately going after the expelled Pupsicle and trying to swallow it whole again.

Suffice it to say, Pupsicles will never be served at Run A Muck Ranch again.

Gracie Makes Up For Her Years In Obscurity With Another Health Crisis

In the  morning, Gracie was having fun at Seven Springs.  At dinner time, she was drooling, whimpering and unable to move her jaw.

She was immediately rushed to the ER where it was determined she was either suffering an allergic reaction to a plant or a sting, or had an obstruction in her throat.


Since the incident conveniently occurred on a Sunday evening, the veterinarian who could perform the Endoscopy had to be called in – at a different ER.   Unfortunately, he would not be available until midnight.  His office recommended giving Gracie a dose of Benadryl, and if her symptoms did not abate in a couple of hours, bring her in.

Blessedly, Gracie responded almost immediately to the Benadryl, was good as new relatively quickly, and did not require the invasive Endoscopy.

In a related story, the initial veterinarian who examined Gracie was absolutely and completely terrified of her.  Every time Gracie sniffed, gurgled or made any noise whatsoever, she,  the vet, leapt across the room.

No amount of reassurances by Crazy that Gracie would do no harm could calm the nerves of this ‘professional’.

Mortimer Steps In It Again

Once again Mortimer exercised bad judgment in returning from a long camping weekend without showing any excitement over seeing Crazy.  Indeed, he repeated his prior offence of not even acknowledging her.

Previously, this transgression had Mortimer removed from the Favorite Dogs list.  This time, his punishment is much harsher.

According to Crazy, Mortimer will hereafter be referred to as “That Dog” or “It”.  He is no longer welcome on Crazy’s side of the people bed, his prefered sleep location.  Crazy will no longer feed Mortimer his beloved canned food.  Indeed, he will now be fed in the same room as Vito – meaning Mortimer may never eat again.

Crazy has promised never again to do Mommy things for Mortimer stating if he loves Crabby so much, maybe he should go to him the next time he needs cuddling, luvins or other things only a Mom can provide.

Crazy believed when Mortimer wandered into the yard that he was an intelligent dog.  Apparently that is not the case.  Nearly a year in residence at Run A Muck Ranch and Morty still doesn’t understand he is supposed to love Crazy more than Crabby.


3 thoughts on “Run A Muck Ranch New Bulletin – 5/01/13

    1. I most certainly WILL be hard on “That Dog”! The rule is, Love Mommy the Most. A very simple rule.

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