Feeback Needed on Latest Run A Muck Ranch Kid Characature

The latest caricature under way is of Vito.


For the new followers, learn all about Vito at


Read of his legend at

This is where we are right now:

Vito Sample 2

So far, I am hearing it needs to be a little skinner, and that the bottom shading (The bluish color) needs to be done freehand as the box it was pasted from is visible.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.


13 thoughts on “Feeback Needed on Latest Run A Muck Ranch Kid Characature

  1. Maybe make ears pointer and straighter up than out to responsiblethe dog above. What about adding a Run A muck dog tag to the collar

    1. Thanks for the input Amie! The original 2 don’t have tags, so we can’t add one to Vito’s. The ears have been changed.

  2. I agree with Amie, the ears need to be a bit straighter, my first thought was corgi ears 🙂 But it’s cute no matter what! lol

    1. It actually did start off as Angus, but the artist wasn’t going to be able to pull it off. Fortunately, it was easily convertible to Vito 🙂

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