The Negatives of Keeping Multiple Dogs: Installment 4 and a Test of Your Knowledge of the Run A Muck Ranch Dogs


13 thoughts on “The Negatives of Keeping Multiple Dogs: Installment 4 and a Test of Your Knowledge of the Run A Muck Ranch Dogs

  1. During the week, with all the tooing and frooing between here and Adelaide I was feeling the need for a bit of doggie therapy so, I lifted the dogs up on to my bed with the intention of them sending the night with me. Yes, well, it was a good idea but after about 30 minutes they both jumped down and went back to their own beds in the laundry. Sigh…

    1. Isn’t the grass always greener on the other side? I would love an oportunity to stretch out any way I wanted to sleep. As it is, with the night time jump uppers, I usually wake up dangling off the side of the bed.

  2. wow…except for the sizes that could be my bed…I currently have 5 over 45lbs in bed with me(two of them over 70lbs)…and the beagle had decided that I must move so he can stretch out his freakishly long legs lol

    1. At least we had the joy of knowing Slugger, Marcy, sometimes Sarah, Angus and the little ones couldn’t jump up on their own. If Slugger has learned, I will never be able to sleep on the bed again! Since Marcy has decided on the bed is the place to be, and adding Slugger to the equation, I have nightmares of midnight romp sessions on my head!

  3. That is so darn adorable, I can’t stand it! You’re so funny, you remind me of myself when my cats take over — I’m like, “Okay, you can have my spot on the couch and I’ll just sit on the floor!”

    1. Said the person who doesn’t know just how many times I have been relegated to the dog beds on the floor when no one would let me up on the couch or the people bed….

  4. LOVE DOGS. Love lots of dogs even more.
    We used to go RV-ing to the drag races, with three poodles and a Yorkie. They would start to run around the house and bark just because we were loading the RV. Plus, we pulled a race car. They all slept on our bed, two slept on our heads. We r down to one Chihuahua and seriously considering adopting two more babies. My little girl barks at us to get on the floor and play and then she runs up on the couch and snuggles into our warm spots.

    1. PLEASE DO consider bringing a couple more little ones into the fold. So many wonderful kids are waiting! And I hear, especially the compact ones ADORE RV’ing!

  5. Wanted to make it clear that I always adopt or rescue. The hardest part for us is the vet bills, even though I groom them myself now. Our last rescue girl, my Chihuahua Ms. Skeeter, took three years of constant visits before we got her healthy and while she is worth every cent, we don’t have as many cents as we used too. My husband and I are retired and huge vet bills scare us. Our beautiful poodle, Puppy, was always healthy and then he developed a skin disease that a dozen vets could not cure or send into remission. He suffered so much his last five years. We lost him about six months ago, at 16 years old. We were also left with a $5,000.00 bill on the credit card we use just for the dogs. So, knowing we will take the best care possible of any dog we own, I’m a little afraid to build up another pack, and even though my girl is lonely, she is enjoying being the queen of the house. She learnt so many “people tricks” from her brother in the years that they had together, she keeps us busy and she keeps us laughing. She is adorable. We do want more babies and I’ll let you know how that goes.

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