Feed Time At Run A Muck Ranch: Current Version, April 2013

Being Mom to 12 (possibly 13) hungry K9’s means you have to be flexible.  Adjustments are constantly made to the feeding regimen to account for health status, season and plumpness.

Following is the updated feeding regimen at Run A  Muck Ranch (Original can be viewed at https://ranchrunamuck.wordpress.com/2012/12/06/feed-time-at-run-a-muck-ranch/) .

Revisions were required due to:

1.  Maude’s selective dementia;

2. DASH! ‘s inability to focus on anything, including eating;

3.  Gracie’s dental issues;

4.  The securing of the horses which negates the need to tie up Willy and Mortimer when the horses are out;

5.  Slugger now only needs to chew each kibble 27 times before swallowing.  Sometimes he even chews multiple kibbles at once;

6.  The arrival of the Wolf Child, Marcy; and

7.  The Crabby Man’s inability to make it past step 7 on the original version before he simply dumped a bag of dog food on the kitchen floor and yelled, “Come and get it!”.


Because I have to add pictures to the post...
Because I have to add pictures to the post…

For those who did not catch the original version, here are a few footnotes to keep in mind:

(I)  Timing is key in these instructions.  Any attempt to change any order(s) will disrupt the process.

(II)  Parentheses () indicate a.m. elements, brackets {} indicate p.m. elements.  Those elements that have neither parenthesis nor brackets indicate the same procedure for both a.m. and p.m.

(III)  The “garage” refers to the 3rd bedroom.  The door is on a bungee system where dogs can let themselves out when they are done eating.  The bathroom and office have normal doors that must be manipulated by humans.

(IV) Hal and Charlie, during the hot seasons are in their stalls during the day, out in the arena overnight.  Until fall, both feedings will occur in their stalls.

(V) “Food” refers to dry kibble unless otherwise noted.

And I just happen to have plenty of pictures...
And I just happen to have an over abundance of pictures…


Let us begin:

1.  Place 1 cup food in bowl, take said bowl with 1 tablet Fluconozole and 1 bravery treat to Angus, who prefers to dine under the sky, just outside the back door.  Do not attempt to give the pill in a treat as Angus has learned to eat around the pill and spit it out, thereby earning a second treat. It is just easier to go old school giving him the pill first then the treat.

2.  (Bring horses from arena to stalls) Fill red bucket to top line with horse pellets, pour into yellow bucket.  Fill red bucket again to top line.  Add water to both buckets until it just covers pellets.  Put in horse feeders; Charlie first, Hal second.

3.  Place 1.5 cups food in one bowl, 2 cups food and 2 Glucosamine tabs in a second bowl.  Fill both bowls with water.

4.  Escort Willy to garage, give him bowl with 1.5 cups food.

5. Escort Sarah to office, give her bowl with 2 cups food.

6.  Prepare bowl with 1 pouch wet food, 1 cup dry food and 2 Glucosamine tablets.  Escort Maude to the bedroom and give her this bowl.

Because I have an over abundance of kids...
Because I have an over abundance of kids…

7.  By now, William is sitting patiently at the pill counter.  Give him (1 Fluoxetine) {1 Mini Munchie} and escort outside.  Retrieve Angus’ bowl while at the door.

8.  Prepare 3 more bowls:  2 with 1/3 cup food, 1 with 2/3 cup food.

9.  Place bowl with 2/3 cups food in bathroom with Hector, who is already jumping up and down outside the door.  Place 1 bowl with 1/3 cup food in garage with Vito (who is already in the garage).  Release Sarah from office and place the remaining bowl with 1/3 cup food in office with Franky (who is already at the door).

10.  Give Sarah 1 Fluconozole (1 Prednisone) and escort her outside.

11.  Prepare 3 more bowls of food:  1 bowl with 1/3 cup food, cover with water, 1 bowl with 1 2/3 cup food, and 1 bowl with (2 cups food) {1 can wet food, 1 cup dry food}.

12.  Release Maude from bedroom and escort her outside.

13.   Place 3 cubes of frozen fish food in measuring cup, add aquarium water and microwave for exactly 19 seconds.

14. By now Vito is in the kitchen.  Do not make eye contact.  When he gets close to you, grab him and take him outside.  If he gets past you, you will spend the next 10 minutes trying to catch him and it will throw the rest of the routine out of whack.  Not making eye contact is key.

And they happen to be the best kids in the world.
And as luck would have it, the over abundance of kids…

15.  Release Hector from the bathroom and place bowl with 1 2/3 cup food  for Emmi (Who happens to be already waiting outside the door). Be careful as you back out of the bathroom, indeed, be careful until further notice as this is the point Marcy starts weaving herself between your feet, be they stationary or moving. We are guessing she just wants to make her presence known to make sure we don’t forget to feed her.

16.  Place bowl with 1/3 cup food, watered down in garage with Gracie (who is already in the garage).  Secure door with bungee cord.

17.  Release Franky from office and admit  Mortimer (who is already waiting outside the door) with bowl of (2 cups food) {1 can food, 1 cup food}.

18.  Escort Franky and Hector outside.

19.  Prepare 1 bowl with 1 cup, 1 bowl with 2 cups and 1 bowl with (1/3 cup watered down) {1 pouch wet food}.

20.  Place the bowl with 1 cup food in front of refrigerator in kitchen for Marcy.  Place the bowl with 2 cups food next to trash can in kitchen for Slugger.  Place the bowl with (1/3 food watered down) {1 pouch wet food} in front of Love Seat for DASH! .

Happen to be the best kids in the world!
Happen to be the best kids in the world!

21.  Unplug return pump on aquarium, feed fish with food from step 13.

22.  When you hear Gracie bark, release her from garage and escort her outside.  Make sure she doesn’t make eye contact with Marcy or Marcy will get snarly.

23.  Escort Emmi out of bathroom, give 1 Fluconozole and escort outside.  Eye contact with Marcy is not an issue.

24.  By now, Marcy will more than likely be done eating.  Fling a Mini Munchie down the hall toward the back door to get her running in the right direction.  Let her outside.

24(a)/25 If DASH!  has finished eating before Marcy, divert his attention from going out until Marcy is finished. If he tries to pass Marcy while she is still eating, she will bark at him, causing him to try to run away.  Unfortunately, the speed at which his feet move is not conducive to traction on the linoleum floor and he will end up sliding into a wall.  Better for all concerned to just keep him occupied until Marcy finishes and then escort DASH! outside.

26.  Escort Mortimer outside.

27. (Give Slugger  1 Fluconozole) escort outside.

28.  Plug in return pump on aquarium.


If you compare this version to the original feeding regimen, I am sure you will agree this one is MUCH easier!


15 thoughts on “Feed Time At Run A Muck Ranch: Current Version, April 2013

    1. I figured if I mentioned that most of them get Munchies on the way out the door, it would confuse the primary goal of just getting them fed 🙂 Marcy’s treat has a function, so it had to be mentioned.

    1. It isn’t so bad at dinner time, but having to get up an hour ealier than I really need to – way far before daylight … sometimes I wonder if Crabby’s way might not be one to consider. But then the house would collapse into chaos and we would be living in the world of Lord of the Fleas.

    1. You mean the dogs? After breakfast they play, then before Crabby goes to work, he brings whoever is left outside inside, where they pretty much sleep all day.

      You mean me? I REFUSE to wake up any earlier than I have to. So I skip it!

      PS: Can you check and see if I am a follower on your blog? Sometimes you show up in my reader, but lately nothing – and I can’t remember the name of it do find you!

  1. I have enough difficulty keeping my two apart because Chienna is very greedy and will bully the little man and eat his dinner as well as her own, so one is fed outside and one inside and we make sure that the little man’s bowl is empty when we open the door or she would be in like a flash and scoff anything left. But 12 (Possibly 13) to use a technical term “yikes”

    1. Such a simple fix, but back when we were trying to rehome Slugger – who could turn bully at feed time, we couldn’t find anyone that thought separating 2 dogs was a rational expectation. I think you will agree, separating your kids to eat didn’t put you in technical or emotional overload!

  2. We feed our 7 in crates and wait until everyone is done before they are let out. That way no one gets mad and they tend to eat a little slower knowing no one can steal it.

    Do you water down the food instead of giving them water to drink or is it for a different reason? Our dogs are obsessed with water.

    I think feeding the goats and horse is easier than the dogs most of the time unless it’s bad weather 🙂

    Which Glucosamine tablets do you buy?

    1. Not sure if we just happen to attract well behaved wayward creatures or if we are just lucky, but the kids sleep all day and rarely if ever do anything destructive in the house. For that reason, we just don’t crate.

      Fortunately most homes have operational doors at every room, so we do our separation that way. Thing about our kids, they really like being together, so despite having no competition at feed time, they all eat relatively fast and then go outside to play, after re-greeting each other, that is.

      Water is ALWAYS available to the kids!!!!! The reason for the watering of food:

      Initially Willy was oddly fat. Warm water to drink to get to his food helped him feel fuller when he was on his diet. When I later tried to go dry, he made it clear he preferred wet 🙂

      Sarah: She gets dehydrated easy, and when she is on prednisone, she is ravenous. Water in hers has a dual purpose: Helps with the full feeling and insures she gets at least 2 good doses of water a day I can visually verify. Hard to tell when she visits the water jogs during the day, and there really isn’t a way to monitor input other than to say she’s drinking. At least with her food, I KNOW she’s drinking 2 liters a day.

      Gracie needs watered down due to her dental issues.

      DASH! gets it because he always wants what others get, and he knows only a few others get water in their food, ergo HE MUST be served the same way. Just easier to submit than to argue with him about eating!

      Horses are easier as a species (only 2 of them), dogs really aren’t that hard as long as you keep the routine. Whenever I have to do a change up, there are a few days of chaos before everyone settles into the new way.

      As far as Glucosamine, I need 500mg, plus MSM (min 300mg). I switch brands to whatever I can get coupons or sales on, or get as gifts, but make sure the minimums match as far as content. Not completely sold on the fact that shelfish is the only reliable source. I could be wrong on that, but I don’t have any indication based on switching, that shows the ladies reacting different depending on brand.

      1. That’s awesome that you don’t have to crate. We only have 2 dogs we don’t have to crate. One gets the bedroom and the other gets the livingroom. Everyone else is either destructive, has accidents, or suffers from separation anxiety no matter what we try. It cost me $900 in an old apartment in damages and working with him just hasn’t helped. Poor Oscar 😦

    1. Honestly, if I was on the outside looking in, I think I would think the writer was nuts. But anyone can do it, just don’t start with 13 dogs at the beginning – adding them in incrementally is the only way one doesn’t go insane!

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