More About Marcy

We made a little discovery about Marcy….

Marcy is still very reluctant to accept human contact.  It is with a heavy sigh that I report I just don’t know if there is anything we can do that will make her happy…  🙂


14 thoughts on “More About Marcy

    1. The only tweak is, she is very happy with the other kids, and even strange dogs, just not so much with people. It will be very hard to find a home that will let her be herself, which is why I am incredibly nervous right now. Do we REALLY need another dog???

  1. How very cruel of you to force Marcy to run rampant through that natural body of water, not to mention her other canine friends! I mean, obviously the poor girl tried to break free with that gravity defying jump–if only the other dogs hadn’t been in the way… 🙂

    Seriously, though, she looks terrific and obviously has learned from her canine buddies how awesome it is to just get to be a dog. I think someone may end up with a baker’s dozen of dogs if they aren’t too careful…I noticed Marcy at the end of the lineup. She fits in very well, I must say…

  2. Clearly the leap from the boulders was a cry for help! 🙂

    Actually, I have been searching for a way to describe the changes in Marcy, and you did it for me. She has learned just to be a dog. No more worries or thoughts about survival, just able to be herself. Turns out she happens to have a fun little self.

    The Magic 8 ball is leaning toward the answer she may have to stay with us. We actually get significant enjoyment from the kids just watching them. In Marcy’s case, this is a plus since she is still rather reluctant to be handled. Let her be herself and she is a riot. Tell her to cuddle or just be petted, not so much. But to us, a dog that doesn’t want to be in constant physical contact means a few precious inches on the couch to us!

  3. Great video! She is a beautiful little water loving pup indeed 🙂 Our girl Tootsie took forever to come around to any human contact, and it’s hard not to let something like that to get you down, but at least you know that until Marcy comes around…. she’ll always have the river!

    1. Actually, no she won’t! We were very suprised to have water in that area this late in the year. It is usually dry from now until spring!

      Emmi was feral. She spent 3 months in QT foster care, then with us, it took an additional 5 months before she did her first voluntary people cuddle. In her case, she was physically unable to avoid human contact the first few months.

      Marcy is so very much like Emmi? She’ll be fine. Finding a different home that will give her time – that is the problem. My birthday and Crabby’s and my anniversary are coming up. Perhaps Marcy will become a ‘gift’…

  4. Great video….I would say Marcy has found her bliss….what a wonderful thing. Thanks for stopping by my site and liking “Annoyance.” I appreciate your time. I look forward to more Run A Muck escapades. 🙂

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