Run A Munchies goes to the Paws Around the Fountain Event

We have decided that next year, when these events re-start, we will NOT be going to this particular one again!

Well, Vito might, but he will have to get his own transportation.



7 thoughts on “Run A Munchies goes to the Paws Around the Fountain Event

  1. That was a bit of a bummer! The display (including Vito) looked good. I find in a lot of these things that people may come and look around but they have been going for a few years and they will only buy from a particular counter – they will wander around the rest but they will only buy from THAT person. I think you have to be going to these for a generation before they accept you as “local”. :o)

    1. Word in the ‘booths’ was that this particular event was waning over the last few years. Apparently it used to be so big it completely circled the Fountain. Yesterday, it was but a wee corner of the park. Just not a very good turnout. Most of the ‘pedestrians’ were people from other booths just walking their dogs. Our clue should have been the fact that some of the more well known groups weren’t going.

      Still, we learned the value of Vito as a table sitting treat eater, so he will DEFINTIELY be going to pther events.

      1. Our Local Annual Show is in decline and has been for a while. Traders wont travel the 400 klms for little return and many of the big traders, locally, just don’t exhibit anymore – and falling attendances. We don’t attend because the prices of a stall for the day is just too much for us. I remember when we came here at first the Whyalla Show was THE talking point of the month and everyone attended. Not so now.

      2. I’m kind of wondering if there aren’t so many events of some sort going on that the ‘big ones’ just aren’t as exciting anymore, ergo the smaller turnouts.

  2. I’ve been thinking that for a while because we do have some small events that are generally well attended. Also the fee for a family just to enter has started to put a lot of people off.

  3. I can’t believe you got so few sales. That’s ridiculous. You had cute dogs, great stand, great product and, again, cute dogs. The dogs alone should have cleared the stand of product. Hope you find a better event to attend. Wishing you all the best with your dog treats – they are such a fabulous idea.

    1. The turnout wasn’t very good to begin with. 1.5 hours in we realized we should have stayed home and taken a nap:)

      I sent you an e-mail at the address on your gravitar… if you didn’t get it, please e-mail me at

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