Finally! A Meaningful Threat!

It may come as a shock, but though we live with the 12 (well, currently 13) best dogs in the world, it doesn’t mean we live with the 12 (well, currently 13) best behaved dogs in the world.

Another misconception is that Crazy and Crabby are easy-going and mellow when dealing with The Hoard at all times.

Truth be told, seeing one or both of the humans screaming like a banshee, cursing like a sailor and flailing around like a meth addict are sights seen at Run A Muck Ranch from time to time.  That being said, since such screaming, cursing and flailing can go on for quite a while with absolutely no effect on the kids behavior, and usually end when the acting human just gets tired, it’s safe to assume the Run A Muck kids, including Marcy, really don’t feel threatened by such behaviors.

The kids know the score.  These outbursts are nothing more than loud noises sometimes accompanied by odd gestures that to Emmi, reminds her of when she and Crazy used to do Zumba together.   Emmi loved doing Zumba with Crazy…

There are 5 words that strike fear in the hearts of the Run A Muck Ranch kids:

Obedience, Manners, Training, Discipline and Work

OK, so coming from Crazy or Crabby, they’re just words.  However, coming from Elchaninov Eugene, the prospect is just terrifying to the kids.

Look at Elchanivov’s dog TreT:


Next time the kids get under my skin, I’ll threaten to send them to stay with TreT in Ukraine, where they might actually have to show some respect.   I bet they’ll listen to me then!


14 thoughts on “Finally! A Meaningful Threat!

    1. Well… DASH! is pretty delicate. I couldn’t send him because of his condition. And Hector, well, he is just such a happy kid, I wouldn’t want to quash his attitude, so probably best he doesn’t go anyway…

    1. Actually, Gracie falls in the Maude/Franky category. She really doesn’t do anything wrong to begin with. She has no worries about being sent to Ukraine. Others, however….

  1. I’ll bet they’ll listen to TreT then but not necessarily you 😀 That dog is simply spectacular. Love the look of utter shock on another dogs face, at one point in the video, when TreT is jumping right over it.

    1. I love that part too! And you are correct. What are meant as demands by us are taken as simple requests by the kids, requests they don’t necessarily have to act on unless they are in the mood.

  2. I’ve only ever screamed at Donna once when I was sick and she behaved worse than ever! I have since become zen. Haha 😛 That’s one pretty amazing parkour stunt dog!

    1. My perfect Arrrmando (the second ‘r’ is silent) was very voice sensitive. If we ever had to yell at him, it was in a low voice and slow motion. Thing is, he was perfect, so we never had to speak in a slow motion low voice very often.

      Willy also came in voice sensitive. Not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the way, he started talking back at us if we raised our voices to him. He’s just like his dad (Crabby), stubborn and oppinionated.

      Marcy is the interesting one. 200% feral and she knew almost immediately who was (The Hoard) or wasn’t (The Humans) in control.

  3. Donna is perhaps like Arrrmando, we hardly need to raise our voices at her. Although, she does have a propensity to pretend she can’t hear us sometimes 😛
    Marcy sounds like the smart one 😉 Hopes she’s doing fine.

    1. We couldn’t look harshly at Arrrmando (the second ‘r’ is silent). Then again, he never did anything that would warrant a harsh look! I miss him so much. He was my most special of my special boys.

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