Run A Munchies Spotlight: Chicken Liver Munchies

Run A Muck Ranch is pleased to introduce you to its Run A Munchies creation:  Chicken Liver Munchies!


Chicken Liver Munchies are crafted from only 3 ingredients:    Rolled oats, chicken livers and egg.   (That is the order on the label too, by the way.)  Kind of nice to be able to not only identify but prnounce them, isn’t it?

We are not talking about a teaspoon of flavor to gobs of fillers!  Approximately 3/4 of a pound of chicken livers are used in each batch.  A ‘batch’ yields 16 oz, or 2 packages.

I say ‘approximately’ because the livers are packaged somewhat wonky and if you have ever tried to cut them, you will understand that it is easier and less yucky to weigh close to 3/4 of a pound with full livers rather than slice and dice to get the exact weight.    Generally speaking, the amount used varies between 0.71 to 0.84 pound per batch.  The lab analysis was done using 0.71, ergo the ‘min’ notation on the Guaranteed Analysis.



After baking, all treats are dehydrated.  Testing through winter 2012/2013 had us running out of tester treats, eaten by humans, at 6 weeks when left on the counter.  That being said, we at Run A Muck Ranch will be refrigerating during summer (inside temperature 85 degrees).   The purpose of dehydration is for safety in storage.  That being said, it’s never a bad idea to refrigerate.  To be on the safe side, don’t store on the counter for longer than 30 days.   The treats will freeze indefinitely, and refrigerate for a couple of months, at least.  If in doubt sniff first.

It is possible to re-hydrate the treats:  Simply place treats on a dish in the microwave, next to a bowl of water.  Cook on high at 10 second intervals until the treats start to get a little soft.  Since microwaves differ, you will have to test this on your own to come up with the perfect timing.  *PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WHEN YOU RE-HYDRATE THE TREATS, THEY WILL HAVE TO BE REFRIGERATED, AND ANYTHING UNUSED SHOULD BE DISCARDED AFTER A WEEK!!!* Ergo, only re-hydrate what you will use in a week.

The guaranteed analysis on these treats can be viewed here: (Click to zoom)

pumpkin GA-2

Please keep in mind that the analysis performed is not based on a daily intake, but on the proportional contents of the treats themselves.  Additionally, the assays performed only detect INSOLUBLE FIBER and not soluble fiber.  Where insoluble fiber has no significant nutritional value for dogs, soluble fiber does.  Just so happens oats are very high in soluble fibers.

See for benefits of oats in dogs.

In a taste test of all available Run A Munchies by the Run A Muck Ranch dogs, Chicken Liver Munchies ranks #2.    OK, so the Run A Muck dogs will eat virtually anything, but the Chicken Liver Munchies were the breakthrough with Marcy being the first thing she would eat from human hands.  That has to mean something…

Please like Run A Munchies on Facebook at for information on dealers, sales and contests.  Currently (4/2/13) a contest is running whereby the first person who brings 20 new likes to the page, wins a free package of Peanut Butter and Chicken Liver Munchies, shipping included if necessary.  (Sorry Edgar and anyone else international, can’t ship out of country).

Always feed treats in moderation, and remember, the best treat you can give your dog is your time and attention.

Dealer inquiries welcome.  Private labeling available for rescues.

For more information, including ordering, please contact us at


6 thoughts on “Run A Munchies Spotlight: Chicken Liver Munchies

  1. Brilliant. Well done. I hope you have a huge success with them. Simple, healthy ingredients. Just wonderful. Wish I could get some with rescue labeling on here in South Africa but understand that you can’t ship internationally. They look great and dehydrating was a very clever idea.

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