A Marcy Moment


10 thoughts on “A Marcy Moment

  1. An amazing difference. She will make someone very happy when she is adopted – worth all the effort you have put into her. I love them all but my favourite is still Gracie :o)

    1. Thus the shock and awe! Even before she would take the physical contact at the end of a call, she always came – and to her name – with very little voice.

  2. WOW! Marcy looks so happy and, yes, much more confident. It’s almost like a different dog! You guys (both people and dogs) have done an awesome job of helping her adjust to a human world. Great progress!

    1. Ding! Ding! for the lady that wins an award! The Hoard did it with Emmi as well. I sincerely believe it isn’t us that is making the difference, it is the other dogs and how they interact with us that is helping Marcy.

      Thank you for acknowledging the true reasons – all 12 of them, for Marcy’s progress!

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